slaughter house brine

Slaughter House Brine: What It Is and When To Use It

When browsing through forums dedicated to grilling and smoking, you might come across the term “slaughter house brine.” Though the name is a bit off-putting, this is actually a simple brine that yields delectable results. Read on to learn more about this recipe.  Slaughter House Brine  A slaughterhouse brine is a basic brine made from …

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salami vs bologna

Salami vs Bologna: What They Are and How They Differ

Ever wonder about the difference between salami and bologna? For that matter, what exactly is in these popular lunchbox staples? In our salami vs bologna matchup, you’ll learn the answers to these queries, as well as several more.  Salami vs Bologna Salami is a blanket term for a broad variety of cured Italian sausages, usually …

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