Charcoal in Paper Bag

Charcoal Won’t Light: What Went Wrong? And Other Tips

When your charcoal won’t light, the impending barbecue stops being an enjoyable experience and becomes a major pain. In this guide, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind your charcoal’s failure to ignite so you can avoid the issue in the future.  Charcoal Won’t Light  When charcoal won’t light, it’s often because the charcoal is damp. …

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Instant Light Charcoal

Instant Light Charcoal vs Regular Charcoal: Lighting It Up

Instant light charcoal eliminates the need for lighter fluid—at least, that’s the idea. Many people automatically reach for this type of charcoal for that reason. But is it really a better option?  Let’s explore the differences between instant light charcoal vs regular charcoal to get a clearer picture.  Instant Light Charcoal vs Regular Instant light …

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bbq beef ribs in texas

Traeger vs Big Green Egg: A Pitmaster’s Tough Decision

As barbecue enthusiasts, we’re always seeking out the newest and hottest grilling trends. That’s what prompted us to put together a Traeger vs Big Green Egg review ( vs 2XL Big Green Egg). Both of these brands have a great deal to offer, but their products differ in several important respects. Let’s take a look …

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