Best Pellets for Turkey: Which Flavors Fly Highest?

Which pellets should you choose when you’re planning to smoke turkey? Whether you’ve purchased drumsticks or a whole bird, it’s an important question to ask. It’s true that turkey has a richer taste than chicken and can therefore stand up to bolder flavors, but it’s still crucial not to overpower the meat. That’s why I … Read more

Reverse Sear Turkey: Tantalizing Shortcut or Bad Idea?

Can you reverse sear turkey? And more to the point, is it a good idea?  If you’ve never tried reverse searing, a whole turkey isn’t the best cut to use for practice. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done—only that the process can be tricky with a bird this size. This guide will explain why.  … Read more

Ground Chicken vs. Ground Turkey: The Ultimate Showdown

Can you substitute ground chicken for ground turkey—or vice versa? Will you be able to tell the difference? And are there any specific health benefits to choosing either one? Read on to find out. Ground Chicken vs Ground Turkey Ground chicken and ground turkey have more similarities than differences, although there are a few key … Read more

Average Turkey Weight: What To Expect When You’re Shopping

About how much does a raw whole turkey weigh? And what size turkey should you choose for the smoker? Knowing the answers will make it easier for you to plan your next event. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on average turkey weight. Average Turkey Weight Turkeys that are packaged for sale will usually … Read more

How Long Does Sliced Turkey Last in the Fridge on Average?

When you store meat in the fridge, you only have a brief window before it starts to go downhill. If you keep it in there too long, it might even spoil. So about how long does sliced turkey last in the fridge before you have to toss it out? How Long Does Sliced Turkey Last … Read more

Should You Let Turkey Sit Out Before Cooking? Is It Safe?

Should you bring turkey to room temperature before cooking it? And if you do, how long can uncooked turkey be left out before you need to start worrying about spoilage? If you’ve never asked yourself these questions before, now is the time to start. Should You Let Turkey Sit Out Before Cooking? It’s fine to … Read more

How Long To Cook a Turkey at 275 Degrees For Juicy Meat

When you roast a turkey, there’s a good chance you set the oven to 325 degrees. That’s the preferred temp for roasting, because it seals in the juices and cooks the bird within a reasonable time frame. But for smoking, it’s better to set the temp a bit lower. That’s where this guide comes in. … Read more

Turkey Button Not Popping: Does This Mean It Isn’t Done?

Is the turkey button not popping a sign of undercooked turkey? And is there any way you can tell for sure? When you’ve finished reading, you’ll know what to do the next time the turkey thermometer doesn’t pop. Turkey Button Not Popping When the pop up timer in the turkey isn’t popping, it could mean … Read more

How Long To Cook a Turkey Per Pound: The Ultimate Guide

When you’re dealing with a large cut of meat like a whole turkey, the cooking time can vary quite a bit. Not only do you have to factor in the total weight of the bird, you have to choose the right cooking temperature for the method you’ve selected. This can vary depending on whether the … Read more

How Long To Get Turkey from 140 to 165 Degrees Fahrenheit

Every pitmaster worth their salt knows about the danger zone—the temperature range at which bacteria can breed rapidly, thereby threatening the safety of your barbecue. But once the meat has cooked past the danger zone, how long will it be before it’s ready? How Long To Get Turkey from 140 to 165 Once the turkey … Read more

Turkey Taking Longer Than Expected: What To Do Next

Try as we might, it’s difficult to estimate exactly when a turkey might be finished cooking. In fact, that’s true of all cuts of meat, especially when they’re this large. If your turkey is taking longer than expected, what can you do to speed things along? And is there anything you could have done to … Read more

Do You Have to Tie Turkey Legs Together During the Smoke?

When you’re prepping a whole bird for the smoker, do you have to tie turkey legs together or not? And what’s the purpose of this exercise, anyway? Read on to find out whether it’s worth it to take this extra step. Do You Have to Tie Turkey Legs Together? It’s not necessary to tie turkey … Read more

How Far in Advance to Buy a Fresh Turkey for the Smoker

When you buy a frozen turkey, you can hold onto it for as long as you’d like before you thaw and cook it. With fresh turkeys, the window is a shorter one. How far in advance should you buy a fresh turkey? Let’s take a look. How Far in Advance to Buy a Fresh Turkey … Read more

How Do You Cook Already Smoked Turkey Legs to Perfection?

Smoked turkey legs are a visually appealing staple of theme parks, county fairs, and other festive outdoor arenas. But did you know you can buy pre-smoked turkey legs and reheat them, instead of waiting for them to cook through? Here’s how to do it. How Do You Cook Already Smoked Turkey Legs? To reheat pre-smoked … Read more

How To Heat a Precooked Turkey Breast Without Drying it Out

If a turkey breast is already cooked, what’s the best way to reheat it? Since the meat is so lean, it dries out easily, so it’s important to choose the right method. Our ultimate guide on how to heat a precooked turkey breast will tell you what you need to know. How To Heat a … Read more

How To Know if Turkey is Bad Before and After Cooking

Can you tell if a raw turkey is bad just by looking at it? What about leftover cooked turkey? The last thing you want is to inadvertently consume meat that’s no longer fresh. Here’s how to know if turkey is bad—both before and after you cook it. How To Know if Turkey is Bad Once … Read more

How Long is Turkey Bacon Good in the Fridge or Freezer?

Since it’s a processed meat product, turkey bacon should keep longer than fresh whole turkey. The question is, how long is turkey bacon good in the fridge, and is there anything you can do to help it maintain its quality? How Long is Turkey Bacon Good in the Fridge? An unopened package of turkey bacon … Read more

How Often To Baste Turkey as it Cooks, And Other Questions

If you opt to baste your turkey, how often should you do it? After all, if you do it too much, the oven or smoker will cool down considerably. That means it will take longer for your turkey to cook. Here’s our ultimate guide on how often to baste turkey. How Often To Baste Turkey … Read more

How To Tuck Turkey Wings Before Smoking or Roasting

The first few times you prepare a whole turkey, you don’t worry too much about the way it looks. As long as it’s ready on time and the meat tastes good, the appearance isn’t all that important. That said, there are subtle touches that can have an effect on the quality of the finished product. … Read more

Should I Cover My Turkey With Foil While Cooking It?

As grilling and smoking enthusiasts, we always keep a healthy supply of heavy-duty aluminum foil on hand. It’s useful in many ways, but is it a good idea to use it to cover your turkey as it cooks? Should I Cover My Turkey With Foil While Cooking It? It’s preferable not to leave a turkey … Read more

How Big of a Turkey For The Number of Guests You’re Serving

Wondering what size turkey you should buy for your next gathering? The last thing you want is to put in all that work, only to run out of meat. Our guide will make it easy for you to determine how much turkey you’ll need to serve your guests. How Much Bone-In Poultry Per Person The … Read more

How Long to Cook a 22 Lb Turkey, And Other Tips

Now that you’ve gotten your gorgeous 22-pound turkey home, what’s the best way to prepare it? More to the point, how long will it be before it’s done? The answers aren’t as straightforward as you might expect, but they don’t have to be overly complicated either. That’s why we’ve put together this handy primer on … Read more

How Long To Defrost Turkey Breast in Refrigerator—And More

If you don’t have the time to smoke a whole turkey, buying the breast portion alone can be a lifesaver. Of course, when you buy it frozen, you’ll still have to take the defrosting step into account. Here’s our ultimate guide on how long to defrost turkey breast in refrigerator, along with a few other … Read more

Are Kosher Turkeys More Expensive Than Natural Turkeys?

There are a few reasons why you might be shopping for a kosher turkey. If this is the case, can you expect to spend more money? And if so, why do retailers charge more for this particular type of bird? Are Kosher Turkeys More Expensive Than Natural Turkeys? Yes. Since turkeys have to be slaughtered … Read more

Do You Cook a Turkey at 325 or 350 Degrees, and Why?

Whether you’re roasting a turkey or giving it the royal treatment on the grill or smoker, it’s essential to use the right cooking temperature. Do you cook a turkey at 325 or 350 degrees, and what’s the reasoning behind the technique? Do You Cook a Turkey at 325 or 350 Degrees? You can use either … Read more

How Much Wood To Smoke a Turkey? And Other Flavorful Tips

When it comes to smoked meat, it’s essential to choose the right type of wood to complement the flavor. However, it’s just as important to make sure you have enough wood on hand to get the job done. Let’s find out how much wood you need to smoke a whole turkey. How Much Wood To … Read more

Smoking 2 Turkeys at the Same Time: How To Double Down

If you have a large smoker and need to cook for a sizable crowd, smoking 2 turkeys at the same time is faster than smoking a single huge bird. Our ultimate guide will provide you with the info you need to capitalize on this technique. Smoking 2 Turkeys at the Same Time First and foremost, … Read more

How To Tell if Turkey Breast is Done Cooking: Pro Tips

Cooking a turkey breast is a convenient way to enjoy a festive meal without the hassle of dealing with a whole turkey. As a bonus, the meat will cook faster, too. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to tell if turkey breast is done cooking. How To Tell if Turkey Breast is Done Turkey breast … Read more

Where To Buy Turkey Legs Instead of the Whole Turkey

Smoking a whole turkey is a great accomplishment. When it’s done right, the process yields plenty of juicy, tender meat. The problem is that it takes a long time to smoke a whole bird. If you’re craving similar results but don’t have a lot of time to spare, you might consider smoking a batch of … Read more

How Long is Ground Turkey Good in the Freezer or Fridge?

Storing food in the freezer is a great way to prolong its shelf life. It has its drawbacks, though, since you shouldn’t keep it in there indefinitely. This is especially true of ground meat products. How long is ground turkey good in the freezer, and how long should you expect it to keep in the … Read more

Brown/Black Spots on Turkey: Is This Normal? Help!

You’ve unwrapped your turkey and are all set to start seasoning it. When you pat the meat dry, though, you notice something disturbing: a series of brown and black spots on the skin. What happened, and is it still safe to cook the turkey? Brown/Black Spots on Turkey Although domestically raised turkeys are usually white, … Read more

How Many Slices of Turkey is 2 OZ? And Related Questions

When you’re portioning out servings, it can be helpful to know how many pieces of meat you should dole out to keep things even. About how many slices of turkey is 2 ounces? Is this considered an adequate serving size? Read on to find out the answers. How Many Slices of Turkey is 2 OZ? … Read more

Butterball Turkey vs Store Brand Turkey: Pros & Cons

When you’re in the store and your only options are Butterball turkey vs store brand, which one should you choose and why? This head-to-head matchup should make it easier for you to decide. Butterball Turkey vs Store Brand Turkey Butterball products are generally high in quality, but their whole turkeys are pre-brined in a saltwater … Read more

Turkey Bacon Slimy: What Causes This, and Is It Still Good?

Turkey bacon is considered a healthier alternative to pork bacon. As such, it differs slightly from pork bacon in terms of flavor and texture. So if your turkey bacon is slimy, does that mean it has gone bad? Let’s find out. Turkey Bacon Slimy When turkey bacon is slimy, it means it’s no longer fresh. … Read more

Smoking an 18 Pound Turkey: Can It Be Done? Pro Tips

The first time you succeed in smoking a whole turkey, you’ll be tempted to repeat the process again and again. Since most turkeys that are sold commercially are very large, though, it can be a daunting prospect. Here’s our ultimate guide on smoking an 18 pound turkey to golden, juicy perfection. Smoking an 18 Pound … Read more

Can You Leave a Turkey Uncovered in the Fridge Overnight?

Is it safe to leave a turkey uncovered in the fridge, or is it best to keep a layer of plastic wrap over it? Or should you leave it in the original packaging until it’s time to start cooking? Let’s find out. Can You Leave a Turkey Uncovered in the Fridge? Unwrapping the turkey and … Read more

Do Butterball Turkeys Have Pop Up Timers Included?

What’s the point of those little pop up timers that you find in some whole turkeys and chickens? And do Butterball turkeys have pop up timers? If so, why? This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this phenomenon. Do Butterball Turkeys Have Pop Up Timers? No. The folks at Butterball aren’t … Read more

How To Know When Ground Turkey Is Done: Beginner’s Guide

It’s always important to cook meat to the minimum recommended temperature. But with ground meat—and especially poultry—it’s critical. Here’s our guide on how to know when ground turkey is done. How To Know When Ground Turkey Is Done Ground turkey is fully cooked when it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. As the … Read more

How To Tell if Ground Turkey is Bad Before and After Cooking

Whether it’s raw or cooked, meat will only keep for so long in the fridge. This is true even if you follow all the rules for storage and preparation to the letter. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs for spoiled meat. Here’s how to tell if ground turkey is bad both before and … Read more

Ground Turkey Internal Temp: What’s Considered Safe?

You probably already know that you need to cook poultry products to a safe temperature before you can eat them. But do you know what that temperature is? And do the same rules apply to ground poultry? Read on to learn the answers. Ground Turkey Internal Temp 165 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the safe internal … Read more

Best Store Bought Rub For Smoked Turkey—And Other Tips

Long-time readers may already know that we prefer making our own seasoning rub for smoked meats. That said, if you’re pressed for time or just don’t have access to all the ingredients you need, a store bought rub can work well in a pinch. In this guide, we’ll share details about some of our favorite … Read more

Butterball vs Jennie-O Turkey: Is One Better Than The Other?

When you’re shopping for a frozen turkey, which should you choose? Some stores stock a variety of brands, which can make it tougher to narrow down your options. In the interest of helping you decide between two of the more popular brands, we’ve put together this Butterball vs. Jennie-O turkey matchup. Butterball vs Jennie-O Turkey … Read more

Why Did My Turkey Split Open While It Was Cooking?

Have you ever had your turkey split open during cooking? Depending on the severity of the fissure, this issue can range from annoying to problematic. The question is, what went wrong, and how can you prevent this from happening in the future? Read on to find out. Why Did My Turkey Split Open? When turkey … Read more

Why is My Smoked Turkey Rubbery? How To Achieve Crisp Skin

Ideally, your smoked turkey should have crisp mahogany skin and a juicy texture. It’s therefore disappointing when you put in all that hard work, only to find that the outside of the bird is soft and rubbery. If this happens to you, it’s best if you can identify the cause. This will help you prevent … Read more

Drying Out Turkey in Fridge: Is This Helpful or Harmful?

When it comes to turkey, the words “drying out” aren’t automatically appealing. But we’re not talking about overcooking the meat to the point of dryness—we’re talking about drying out the skin of the bird before putting it on the smoker. Is drying out turkey in the fridge a good idea, or should you keep it … Read more

Smoked vs Fried Turkey: Weighing All the Pros and Cons

Having a hard time deciding between savory smoked turkey or succulent deep-fried turkey for your next event? While this is a good problem to have, it does present something of a dilemma. You’re in luck, though—there are numerous factors that should come into play when you’re deciding between smoked vs fried turkey. Our guide will … Read more

How To Keep a Smoked Turkey Warm Without Drying it Out

As hard as we try to estimate the correct cooking time, every cut of meat cooks at a different pace. This is especially true when it comes to low-and-slow cooking applications like smoking. If your turkey reaches the ideal serving temperature a few hours before you planned to serve the meat, is there anything you … Read more

Can You Smoke a Turkey The Day Before You Serve It?

Since it takes a while to smoke a turkey, can you prepare it the day before you’re planning on serving the meat? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this method. Can You Smoke a Turkey The Day Before? Smoking turkey a day in advance won’t do any real harm, but it … Read more

How Do I Know if My Turkey is Pre Brined Or All Natural?

If you buy a fresh turkey directly from a reputable farmer, you know the bird is all-natural. When it comes to frozen turkeys, it’s harder to find specimens that haven’t been treated or processed in some way. How can you tell if the turkey you’ve purchased from the supermarket is pre-brined or not? Fortunately, the … Read more

Thawing a Turkey in a Cooler: Is This Method Safe?

Thawing a turkey in a cooler might seem like an odd notion, but it’s one that’s worth exploring. The question is, does this method go against the rules of food safety? If not, what are the best ways to go about it? Thawing a Turkey in a Cooler If you want to thaw turkey in … Read more

Best Temp To Smoke Turkey For Juicy, Flavorful Results

It takes a while to smoke a turkey properly, but that’s true of most large cuts of meat. The question is, what’s the best temp to smoke turkey, and how long can you expect it to take? Best Temp To Smoke Turkey When smoking turkey, 275 degrees is our preferred temperature. This gives the smoker … Read more

Turkey Leg Internal Temp: When Should They Stop Cooking?

Who can resist the allure of smoked turkey legs? They have fantastic eye appeal, they taste and smell amazing, and they’re very forgiving in terms of internal temperature. What’s the ideal turkey leg internal temp when smoking or grilling? Let’s find out. Turkey Leg Internal Temp Turkey legs are considered dark meat, so they can … Read more

Smoked Turkey Breast Side Up or Down: Which Way is Best?

No matter what cut of meat you’re smoking, there will be differing opinions on how to position it on the cooking grate. Whole turkeys are no exception. In this guide, we’ll explore the debate behind smoked turkey breast side up or down to help you decide. Smoked Turkey Breast Side Up or Down When you … Read more

Can You Cook a Partially Frozen Turkey? Is It Safe?

Since whole turkeys are so large, it can be difficult to predict how long they might take to thaw. Even when you do your best, there might still be patches of ice throughout—or worse, portions of the bird that are still frozen solid. Assuming your bird didn’t have time to fully defrost, can you cook … Read more

When To Inject Turkey, And Tips on Doing it Properly

Have you ever experimented with injecting your meat before smoking? If not, it might be worth a try, especially with lean cuts. Whole turkeys, for example, are prime candidates for injection. Here’s our ultimate guide on when to inject turkey—along with a few recipes to help you get started. When To Inject Turkey The best … Read more

Turkey Breast Weight: How Much Do They Weigh On Average?

It’s a lot simpler to smoke a turkey breast than a whole turkey. They’re smaller and easier to handle, for one thing, and their lighter weight means they’ll take less time to cook. What is the average turkey breast weight, and how long can you expect the meat to take on the smoker? Our ultimate … Read more

Turkey Danger Zone: What It Is and How To Stay Out Of It

Have you heard of the danger zone as it relates to meat products? It affects all types of meat, and turkey is no exception. In this piece, we’ll focus on the turkey danger zone so you’ll know what’s considered a safe temp to smoke turkey. Turkey Danger Zone The danger zone for turkey and other … Read more

Smoking Turkey at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit: The Ultimate Guide

It can be more challenging to smoke a whole turkey than it is to smoke other large cuts. That’s mainly because poultry is leaner than smoker staples like brisket and pork butt, which makes it prone to overcooking. If you decide to go for it, what’s the protocol for smoking turkey at 350 degrees? And … Read more

How Long To Cook a Turkey at 325 Degrees Fahrenheit

When cooking large cuts of meat like whole turkeys, the total cooking time is directly related to the temperature of the oven—or smoker, in this case. Here’s our ultimate guide on how long to cook a turkey at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. How Long To Cook a Turkey at 325 Degrees At 325 degrees, turkey should … Read more

How Many People Does a 20 Lb Turkey Feed On Average?

When you’re planning a large gathering, one of your first steps is to find out how much food you’ll need to provide. Bone-in whole poultry can be especially tricky. In addition to the natural shrinkage that will occur, a lot of the carcass will be inedible. How many people does a 20-pound turkey feed on … Read more

How Long To Smoke a Turkey at 300 Degrees Fahrenheit

As all good pitmasters know, the total cooking time depends on a number of factors. The weight of the meat, the reliability of the smoker, even the outside temperature—all of these can affect the length of the smoke. However, selecting the right smoker temperature can help you predict the amount of time your turkey might … Read more

Mesquite Smoked Turkey: Suggestions and Alternatives

Once you’ve mastered the basics—smoked pork ribs, beef brisket, and the like—why not experiment with smoking a whole turkey? Although it’s important to cook the bird to a safe temperature, the process isn’t difficult—and the results are delicious. Here’s our complete guide to mesquite smoked turkey, including a couple of variations that you might enjoy. … Read more

Turkey Done Too Early: Is There Any Way To Salvage It?

Every large cut of meat cooks at its own pace, and whole turkeys are no different. If your turkey is done cooking hours before you plan to serve it, is there anything you can do to save it? And how can you help to prevent this occurrence in the future? Turkey Done Too Early When … Read more

Is Butterball Turkey Breast Processed? And Related Questions

Whether you’re in the market for a whole turkey or the breast portion alone, you’re bound to come across the Butterball label. This is one of the best-known products out there, even if you’ve never purchased it before. Is Butterball turkey breast processed before being packaged for sale? And what does that mean exactly? Let’s … Read more

How To Tell if a Turkey is Thawed Before You Cook It

It takes a long time for a whole turkey to defrost, even if you plan ahead. And if it’s still frozen in a few places, that can extend your cooking time. Here’s how to tell if a turkey is thawed before you put it on the smoker. How To Tell if a Turkey is Thawed … Read more

How Long To Thaw a 6 lb Turkey Breast: A Guide To Defrosting

How long does it take to thaw a turkey breast, and what’s the safest way to do it? Our ultimate guide to defrosting turkey breast will provide you with the answers you need. As long as you know how much the turkey weighs, thawing it should be a breeze. How Long To Thaw a 6 … Read more

Thawed Turkey In Fridge For a Week: How Long is Too Long?

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead when you have to thaw a large cut of meat—for example, a whole turkey. The key is to avoid going overboard in your preparations. Can you keep a thawed turkey in the fridge for a week, or is it better to cook it off sooner? Our guide … Read more

Can You Refreeze a Thawed Turkey? And Related Questions

Is it safe to refreeze meat without cooking it first? We used to think the answer was no. As it turns out, the practice isn’t inherently dangerous—but there are a few safety practices that you should be aware of. Here’s our ultimate guide to refreezing turkey. Can You Refreeze a Thawed Turkey? Yes, you can … Read more

Can You Brine a Turkey That Has 8% Solution Or Not?

Because of its lean texture, poultry definitely stands to benefit from brining. However, some turkeys are already treated with salt solution before you even bring them home from the supermarket. Can you brine a turkey that has 8% solution, or will that make the meat taste too salty? Are there any other issues you might … Read more

What Size Turkey For Smoking: And How Long To Cook It

There’s something inherently satisfying about smoking a whole turkey. Since poultry is leaner than cuts like pork butt and beef brisket, it can be challenging to cook it for a long time at low temps without drying out the meat. The length of the smoke depends on the size of the turkey, so what size … Read more

Can You Brine a Partially Frozen Turkey or Should You Wait?

It’s always preferable to start with a defrosted turkey when you’re ready to make the brine solution. But can you brine a partially frozen turkey or do you have to wait until the meat is completely thawed? Let’s take a look. Can You Brine a Partially Frozen Turkey? It’s permissible to brine a turkey that’s … Read more

Can You Brine a Turkey With The Giblets Inside the Cavity?

If you’ve decided to brine your turkey, you might be wondering if you need to pull the neck and giblets out of the cavity first. Can you brine a turkey with the giblets inside or not? Let’s take a closer look at how this might affect your results. Can You Brine a Turkey With The … Read more

Do You Rinse Turkey After Brining Or Let It Air Dry?

As brining has become more and more popular, home chefs are increasingly curious about the correct protocol. Do you rinse turkey after brining it, or is it better to just start cooking it as planned? There are two sides to this argument, and we’ll present both here. Do You Rinse Turkey After Brining? We usually … Read more

Best Binder For Smoked Turkey: How To Apply The Rub

When preparing a cut of meat for the smoker, you want to make sure the spices will stick to the exterior. This is especially important when it comes to smoked turkey, because crisp flavorful skin is one of the hallmarks of the dish. This guide is designed to help you find the best binder for … Read more

What To Put In Turkey Cavity When Smoking The Whole Bird

You’ve got your turkey all ready for the smoker—but there’s nothing in the cavity. Should you add anything to the inside of the bird, or is it better to leave it empty? Here are a few ideas about what to put in turkey cavity when smoking the entire bird. What To Put In Turkey Cavity … Read more

Turkey Still Frozen In Cavity: Is It Safe To Cook This Way?

For a long time, we thought it was a bad idea to put a turkey on the smoker if parts of it were still frozen solid. In this guide, we’ll explain why a turkey still frozen in cavity—or elsewhere—is still safe to cook. Turkey Still Frozen in Cavity You can cook a turkey that’s still … Read more

How Long To Cook Turkey at 375 Degrees For Best Results

As a rule, when we smoke food, we use low temperatures—under 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Using higher temps will speed the process, but it has other side effects that you may or may not find appealing. Let’s find out how long to cook turkey at 375 degrees. How Long To Cook Turkey at 375 When the … Read more

Turkey Is Cooking Too Fast. How Can I Slow Things Down?

Cooking a whole turkey takes time, and grill-roasting the bird requires a special degree of finesse. Since the process is such a long one, there are many things that can go wrong. One of them is the turkey cooking too fast. If this happens to you, what steps can you take to salvage the feast? … Read more

Pre Basted Turkey: Should You Buy It? Why Or Why Not?

What exactly is pre basted turkey? Will it cut down on the amount of time you’ll spend hovering over the bird, or does it just contribute excess sodium to the meat? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this supermarket staple. Pre Basted Turkey Pre basted turkeys contain a saltwater solution … Read more

How Long Can You Keep a Fresh Turkey In The Refrigerator?

Buying frozen turkeys might be the norm, but many consumers prefer to seek out fresh poultry whenever possible. The problem is, you’ll have to cook it off quickly to ensure that it remains fresh. Exactly how long can you keep a fresh turkey in the refrigerator before cooking it? Our guide will give you the … Read more

How Long To Smoke a 20 Pound Turkey, And Other Tips

Smoked turkey makes a delicious centerpiece to a holiday feast. It also has a myriad of other uses, from a sandwich filling to the base for a savory stew. The larger the bird, the more meat you’ll get, but is it a good idea to use the smoker? Let’s go over how long to smoke … Read more

How Long To Let Turkey Rest When It’s Finished Cooking

Whether your meat is grilled or roasted, the resting period is crucial to success. It’s even more vital when it comes to large cuts and whole poultry. Let’s talk about how long to let turkey rest before serving it. How Long To Let Turkey Rest Roasted turkey should rest for about 45 minutes after cooking. … Read more

Can You Brine a Turkey Too Long? Tips on Proper Seasoning

Turkey makes an appealing main course, but it can always benefit from a little bit of seasoning. Brining the bird is one way to provide a flavor boost, but is it possible to overdo it? Let’s find out if you can brine a turkey too long—and if so, what you can do about it. Can … Read more

How To Tell if a Turkey Burger is Done: Think Beyond Pink

If you’re used to grilling ground beef patties, it can be disconcerting to make the switch to ground turkey. For one thing, you need to take the texture difference into account. For another, the pale color can make it difficult to tell when the meat is done. Here’s how to tell when a turkey burger … Read more

Can You Cook a Turkey With The Plastic Leg Holder Attached?

If you’ve ever purchased a whole turkey from the supermarket, you’ve probably noticed the plastic contraption that’s often used to hold the legs together. Do you have to remove this device before preparing the bird, or can you cook a turkey with the plastic leg holder? We’re here to answer this question in full detail. … Read more

Is Turkey Done at 165 or 180 Degrees? The Great Debate

At what temperature is turkey considered “done”? There are differing views on the subject, and the answer has changed over time. Let’s take a closer look at this debate to determine when it’s safe to pull that golden-brown turkey from the heat. Is Turkey Done at 165 or 180 Degrees Fahrenheit? While some recipes state … Read more

How Long Can a Thawed Turkey Stay in The Fridge Safely?

Anyone who’s ever purchased a frozen turkey knows the importance of planning ahead. You want to give yourself plenty of time when removing the bird from the freezer. But is there such a thing as pulling it too early? How long can a thawed turkey stay in the fridge before the meat begins to turn? … Read more

Can You Brine a Butterball Turkey? And Related Questions

You’ve purchased your Butterball turkey and it’s ready to be prepped for the upcoming meal. A few friends have recommended brining the bird beforehand, and you’re interested in giving it a shot. But can you brine a Butterball turkey? And if not, why? Can You Brine a Butterball Turkey? You can brine a Butterball turkey, … Read more

Turkey Breast Temperature 150: Is This Considered Safe?

You probably know that poultry needs to be cooked past a certain temperature in order to be safe to eat. But what exactly is that temperature, and does it vary based on what part of the bird you’re cooking? Let’s find out whether a turkey breast temperature of 150 degrees is permissible. Turkey Breast Temperature … Read more

Can Turkey Burgers Be Pink in the Middle and Still Be Safe?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether your meat is fully cooked or not. This is especially true when it comes to ground turkey, which is pale in color to begin with. Can turkey burgers be pink in the middle and still be safe to eat? Can Turkey Burgers be Pink in the Middle? Yes, it’s … Read more

How Much Turkey Breast Per Person? A Host’s Companion

Are you planning on serving turkey breast at your next gathering? Good call–the humble turkey makes a festive centerpiece at any celebration. When you prepare turkey breast rather than the whole bird, it’s important to make sure you have enough meat to serve everyone. Read on to find out how much turkey breast per person … Read more

The Ultimate Smoked Turkey Neck Recipe

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