Burger With Red Onions

Best Onions for Burgers: The Ultimate Guide

There’s nothing like a freshly grilled burger. Whether you enjoy yours sandwiched between a bun or Paleo-style, the smoke and the sizzle are irresistible.  There’s no general consensus on the best way to eat a burger. One thing that many aficionados agree on, though, is that onions make the perfect foil for the rich-tasting beef. …

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undercooked burger

Undercooked Burger: What Is It Exactly? Is It Safe To Eat?

Is it safe to eat undercooked burger? What’s the definition of “undercooked” in this case, anyway? If you’ve ever cooked burgers for a crowd, you’ve probably already asked yourself these questions. Let us guide you through the answers.  Undercooked Burger Ground beef isn’t considered fully cooked until it reaches a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. …

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