Best Onions for Burgers: The Ultimate Guide

There’s nothing like a freshly grilled burger. Whether you enjoy yours sandwiched between a bun or Paleo-style, the smoke and the sizzle are irresistible.  There’s no general consensus on the best way to eat a burger. One thing that many aficionados agree on, though, is that onions make the perfect foil for the rich-tasting beef. … Read more

Ground Ribeye: Would This Steak Make a Good Burger?

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Ground Filet Mignon: Would It Make a Good Burger or Not?

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How Long Does Cooked Hamburger Last in the Fridge on Average?

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When To Flip a Burger For Delightfully Juicy Results

Wondering when to flip a burger so that it cooks evenly and stays nice and juicy throughout? Do you need to flip a burger more than once? Our ultimate guide to burger flipping will make a pro out of you in no time.  When To Flip a Burger Don’t be tempted to flip burgers until … Read more

Do You Put an Egg in Burger Meat Before Cooking It?

Before you form your ground beef into patties for the grill, do you add an egg to the mixture? And if you don’t, is it a good idea to start? We’re here to tell you all you need to know about this practice.  Do You Put an Egg in Burger Meat?  You don’t need to … Read more

Undercooked Burger: What Is It Exactly? Is It Safe To Eat?

Is it safe to eat undercooked burger? What’s the definition of “undercooked” in this case, anyway? If you’ve ever cooked burgers for a crowd, you’ve probably already asked yourself these questions. Let us guide you through the answers.  Undercooked Burger Ground beef isn’t considered fully cooked until it reaches a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. … Read more

Are Homemade Burgers Healthy? Building a Nutritious Burger

Burgers aren’t exactly renowned for their health benefits. That’s partly because ground beef should contain a significant amount of fat in order to make a decent burger, but mainly because of all the other ingredients and sides that tend to accompany the dish. Are homemade burgers healthy—or at least healthier than the ones you buy … Read more

Hamburger Bun Grilled Cheese: Using Up The Extra Buns

Have you ever tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich using a hamburger bun? It might seem like an odd notion, but it’s actually not a bad combination.  Most hamburger buns are hearty enough to stand up to your favorite gooey melted cheese, and they taste great, too. Here’s a primer on how to make … Read more

How Many Ounces is a Quarter Pound Burger? Weigh It Out

Quarter pound burgers are ubiquitous on menus at restaurants. Sometimes they’re served in double-sized portions, but the measurement is often mentioned as a serving size for a single patty. How many ounces of meat is that? Let’s do the math.  How Many Ounces is a Quarter Pound Burger?  Since 1 pound equals 16 ounces, a … Read more

Can You Eat a Burger Medium Rare? If Not, Why Not?

Can you eat a burger medium rare? If the answer is no, why not? After all, people have been eating medium rare steaks without ill effect for a long time. And burgers are made of beef, so what’s the difference? Read on to find out the answers.  Can You Eat a Burger Medium Rare?  Raw … Read more

What Temp Should Burgers Be Prior To Serving? Why It Matters

Most meat eaters love the juicy texture of a steak cooked to a perfect medium rare. It’s natural to want to replicate this sensation when preparing burgers. But is is safe? Exactly what temp should burgers be when they come off the grill?  What Temp Should Burgers Be? All ground meat products, including hamburger, should … Read more

Ground Brisket/Are Brisket Burgers Good? Breaking It Down

Can you make burgers out of ground brisket? And if you do, will they be any good? Since brisket is naturally high in fat, the answer to both questions is yes. If you have any other questions about this underrated delicacy, read on. Are Brisket Burgers Good? These burgers consist of ground beef that’s made … Read more

How To Keep Hamburgers Warm & Moist After Grilling

Grilled hamburgers are a barbecue staple, and one of the easiest recipes to master. They’re ideal when you’re cooking for a crowd, because you can just toss a few more on whenever you need to. Burgers that have gone cold, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as appealing. If you’re serving a lot at once, … Read more

How To Tell if a Turkey Burger is Done: Think Beyond Pink

If you’re used to grilling ground beef patties, it can be disconcerting to make the switch to ground turkey. For one thing, you need to take the texture difference into account. For another, the pale color can make it difficult to tell when the meat is done. Here’s how to tell when a turkey burger … Read more

Can Turkey Burgers Be Pink in the Middle and Still Be Safe?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether your meat is fully cooked or not. This is especially true when it comes to ground turkey, which is pale in color to begin with. Can turkey burgers be pink in the middle and still be safe to eat? Can Turkey Burgers be Pink in the Middle? Yes, it’s … Read more

How Long Can Cooked Hamburger Meat Sit Out Before Going Bad?

When you’re entertaining, it can be hard to keep track of time, particularly once the food is on the table. However, it’s important not to let meat sit at room temperature for too long, even if it’s been cooked off. How long can cooked hamburger meat sit out and still be safe to consume? Let’s … Read more

How to Grill Frozen Burgers When Pressed for Time

Of course it’s preferable to thaw your frozen hamburger patties before tossing them on the grill. But what if you’re ready to roll, and those patties are still hard in the centers? Here’s a primer on how to grill frozen burgers when you’re in a rush. Is It Safe To Grill Burgers When They’re Still … Read more