What Part of the Cow is Tomahawk Steak? All You Need to Know

Tomahawk steak is gaining popularity as more people discover how delicious this unique cut can be. If you’re new to the table, you might be wondering: what part of the cow is tomahawk steak, and what makes it taste so good? We’re here to fill in the blanks.  What Part of the Cow is Tomahawk … Read more

Porterhouse vs Tomahawk: Exploring the Differences

True steak lovers might have a hard time choosing between porterhouse and tomahawk steak. Both of them are magnificent when grilled over an open fire, but they’re very different cuts. We’re here to take a closer look at both steaks to help you decide.  Porterhouse vs Tomahawk  The porterhouse is a cross-cut composite steak taken … Read more

Tomahawk Steak Price: Why This Cut Is So Expensive

The steak we know as the tomahawk doesn’t come cheaply. Those of you who’ve had the privilege of shopping for this delectable cut will already know that. Here’s our ultimate guide to tomahawk steak price—and the reasoning behind it. Tomahawk Steak Price It’s tough to estimate an average tomahawk steak price, but the cut is … Read more

Tomahawk Steak Weight: How Heavy Is This Barbecue Giant?

What’s the average tomahawk steak weight? Anyone who’s ever seen one of these behemoths will know that it’s higher than that of most traditional steak cuts. But just how much weight are we talking about here? Tomahawk Steak Weight A tomahawk steak might weigh as little as 1 pound, but that’s rare. It’s more common … Read more

How To Grill A Tomahawk Steak Three Ways

If you’re not yet familiar with tomahawk steaks, now is the perfect time to broaden your education. As impressive in appearance as it is in taste, this broad, beefy cut is a grill aficionado’s dream. Read on to learn how to grill a tomahawk steak to juicy perfection—whether you’re using a gas grill, a pellet … Read more