Best Smoking Wood For Pork: Options to Suit Every Palate

One of the great things about pork is that it’s hearty enough to stand up to bold-flavored smoking woods, yet not so rich that it gets in the way of the flavor profile you’re trying to create with the smoke. It’s no wonder, then, that pork is such a popular option for the smoker.  My … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Brisket: How to Boost the Beef Flavor

What’s the best wood for smoking brisket? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pitmaster, the wood you choose can make or break the barbecue. Here’s how to make your selection. Best Wood For Smoking Brisket Which wood you select depends on the flavor profile you’re trying to create. Because brisket is a hearty cut … Read more

Best Wood for Smoked Chicken: 8 Tantalizing Options

When it’s done right, smoked chicken is succulent and juicy—and most importantly, bursting with flavor. The type of wood you use for smoking has a direct effect on the results, so it’s critical to choose the right kind. I’m here to help you with that. Best Wood For Smoked Chicken I’ve found that fruit woods … Read more

How Long to Smoke Steak at 225 for Tender, Juicy Results

When you have some extra time and want to create a true flavor sensation, try smoking your steak instead of grilling it. Our guide on how long to smoke steak at 225 degrees will help you yield delicious results every time. How Long to Smoke Steak at 225 Degrees  As a basic rule, steak that’s … Read more

How Long to Smoke Steak at 250 Degrees: Setting the Clock

Are you interested in experimenting with smoked steak instead of just grilling it? If so, you’ll need some timing guidelines to get you started. Here’s a primer on how long to smoke steak at 250 degrees.  How Long to Smoke Steak at 250 Degrees It takes 30 to 45 minutes per pound to smoke a … Read more

Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Discontinued: True or False?

Has the Masterbuilt cold smoker been discontinued? We’ve heard conflicting reports over the years, which is why we decided to put together this guide.  If you enjoy cold smoking meats and cheeses, or if you think you might want to try doing so in the future, keep reading. We’ll attempt to get to the bottom … Read more

Walnut Wood for Smoking (And Other Related Issues)

The issue of using walnut wood for smoking is one that continues to see debate amongst pitmasters. Some claim that it’s not suitable at all, while others maintain that it’s fine for certain types of meat. In this piece, we’ll weigh in on the argument.  Walnut Wood For Smoking Walnut has a very intense, tangy … Read more

Almond Wood For Smoking Meat, Fish, and Vegetables

Pitmasters have options aplenty when it comes to choosing wood for the smoker. It can be overwhelming to think about, but fortunately, some woods are better suited for certain meats than others.  In this guide, we’ll point out the best ways to use almond wood for smoking.  Almond Wood For Smoking Almond wood produces a … Read more

Plum Wood For Smoking: Is This a Good Idea or Not?

Is it safe to use plum wood for smoking? And even if it is, would you want to use it? Choosing the right wood is about more than safety, although that’s very important. You’re also trying to create a certain flavor profile. Read on to learn more.  Plum Wood For Smoking You can expect plum … Read more

Peach Wood For Smoking: How To Create The Perfect Smoke

There are some woods that aren’t suitable for the smoker. Fortunately, peach isn’t one of them. In this guide, we’ll talk about the qualities that peach wood offers, so you’ll know how to use it to your best advantage at your next barbecue.  Peach Wood For Smoking Although rumors persist about peach wood being toxic … Read more

Ash Wood For Smoking: From Branch To Coals to Ashes

Selecting the right smoking wood can be tricky, not least because there are so many options. Do you choose apple or cherry, hickory or mesquite? Each one has distinctive characteristics—and some can produce unwanted results when used to excess. This guide will focus on using ash wood for smoking. Is it a good idea, and … Read more

Pecan Wood For Smoking: Exploring The Tasty Possibilities

Pecan is one of the most popular smoking woods. It has a distinctive sweet and nutty flavor that works well with most types of meat, and it can be combined with other woods to great effect. Read on to learn more about the best ways to use pecan wood for smoking. Pecan Wood For Smoking … Read more

Can You Smoke Parchment Paper—And If Not, Why Is That?

Parchment paper comes in handy for a lot of cooking applications. We always keep some on hand next to the aluminum foil and plastic wrap. But can you smoke parchment paper? Let’s find out together.  Can You Smoke Parchment Paper? Parchment paper is heat-resistant up to 425 degrees, but you’ll need to be careful if … Read more

Mulberry Wood For Smoking Poultry, Fish, Game, and More

You don’t hear much about using mulberry wood for smoking, maybe because it’s not as popular as woods like oak and maple. That’s not because it’s unsuitable. On the contrary, mulberry is a fine smoking wood that deserves more recognition. Mulberry Wood For Smoking The wood of the mulberry tree has a mellow, tangy, and … Read more

Cherry vs Apple Wood: What These Woods Have to Offer

Having a hard time deciding between cherry vs apple wood? They’re both wonderful woods for smoking, but they have distinctive qualities that keep them from being interchangeable. Let’s find out more about each of these fruit woods. Cherry vs Apple Wood Both apple and cherry wood have delicate, fruity flavors that won’t overpower the meat. … Read more

Smoking Meat With Corn Cobs: A Simple Flavor Boost

It’s an old method, so you may not have heard of it. But smoking meat with corn cobs can be an effective way to boost flavor.  If you’re the type of grilling enthusiast who enjoys a good experiment, try using corn cobs in addition to—or instead of—wood chips the next time you fire up the … Read more

White Oak For Smoking Meat: Is This a Good Idea or Not?

The type of wood you select has a direct influence on the flavor of your smoked meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Some woods work better with certain ingredients than others, and there’s always the matter of personal preference to take into account.  What’s more, not all types of wood can be safely used in a smoker. … Read more

Pear Wood For Smoking: A Comprehensive Guide

Is it safe to use pear wood for smoking? And if it is, which smoked meats would it complement best? Does it pair well with any other type of wood, or does it work best on its own?  Our ultimate guide to pear wood will provide you with the answers to all of these questions—and … Read more

Red Oak For Smoking Beef, Pork, or Chicken (Or All Three)

Is it okay to use red oak for smoking meat? If so, is it better suited for certain types of meat than others? And what differentiates red oak from other types of oak?  If you’re asking these questions, you probably already have a supply of red oak wood chips, pellets, or chunks and are wondering … Read more

Smoking With Cherry Wood: Getting A Rosy Outlook on BBQ

Can you use cherry wood to season your smoked foods? You certainly can. In fact, this type of wood isn’t just safe to use in the smoker, it’s one of the most popular ones. Read our guide to find out why.  Smoking With Cherry Wood  Cherry is a wonderful wood to use in the smoker. … Read more

Is Maple Wood Good For Smoking? A Guide To Meat Pairings

Even once you’ve settled on smoking as your cooking method, you still have a few decisions to make For one thing, what type of wood chips or pellets are you planning to use? This is an important factor in the process, as the flavor of the wood has a direct bearing on your results. Can … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Aluminum Foil for Smoking Meat?

A lot of budding pitmasters—and a lot of seasoned pros, too—use aluminum foil when smoking meat. As we’ll discuss in greater detail later on, though, this practice definitely has its drawbacks. Is there an alternative to aluminum foil that will yield similar results? And if so, what is it?  What Can I Use Instead of … Read more

Smoking Pre Cooked Sausage Without Drying Out the Links

Can you smoke sausage that’s already been cooked? The answer is yes, but you won’t need to put it on the smoker for very long. Since the meat has already been cooked to a safe internal temperature, you’re essentially just reheating it.  Here’s a guide to smoking pre cooked sausage without drying it out.  Smoking … Read more

Smoked Sausage Internal Temp: How Hot Should They Be?

Sausage tastes excellent when it’s been smoked at a low temperature. In fact, smoked summer sausage is a staple in prepackaged gift boxes, which are especially popular around the holidays.  When you’re smoking sausage yourself, how long do you need to wait before you take the links off the heat? Our ultimate guide to smoked … Read more

How Long To Smoke Sausage at 275 Degrees For Best Results

The temperature of your smoker has a direct effect on the total cooking time. That’s true no matter what you put on the smoker.  Since sausage links are much smaller than cuts like pork shoulder, it doesn’t take as long for them to reach the optimum temperature. But it’s important not to cook them for … Read more

How Long Does Smoked Sausage Last in the Fridge? A Guide

Even though it’s precooked, most smoked sausage should be stored in the refrigerator. Cured sausages, such as summer sausage, might be stable at room temperature, but they’ll have a longer shelf life if you keep them in the fridge. So how long does smoked sausage last in the fridge before you have to start getting … Read more

How Long To Smoke Sausage at 225 Without Drying it Out

Have you ever tried smoking your own sausage? If not, maybe it’s time you ventured into this exciting new terrain. It will broaden your horizons as a pitmaster and give you some serious bragging rights at your next barbecue.  Whether you prepare your fresh sausage from scratch or buy raw ones from your favorite butcher, … Read more

How Long To Smoke Sausage at 250 for Ultimate Flavor

Smoked sausage is not only delicious, it’s relatively easy to make on your own. Even if you rely on fresh store-bought sausages instead of grinding the meat from scratch, they’ll taste amazing once they come off the smoker.  What’s the best smoker temperature to use for sausages, and how long does the process take? Our … Read more

How Long to Smoke Sausage at 180: Is This the Right Temp?

Smoking sausage is a worthwhile pastime for many reasons. However, it’s critical to get the internal temperature just right. If the meat is undercooked, it won’t be safe to consume, but if it’s overcooked the flavor and texture will be off. We’ve put together this guide to advise you how long to smoke sausage at … Read more

How Long To Smoke Sausage at 200: Taking it Low and Slow

If you’ve set the grill temperature to 200 degrees, about how long will it take before your smoked sausage is ready?  Obviously, you should rely on the internal temperature of the meat and not the numbers on the clock. Still, it’s nice to have a ballpark estimate. Here’s our guide on how long to smoke … Read more

Smoking Store Bought Sausage: Achieving Maximum Flavor

Smoking store bought sausage isn’t any trickier than smoking homemade sausage. In fact, it can save you a lot of time.  One thing you need to pay attention to is whether the sausage is already cooked. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell, even if the meat is prepackaged. This guide will tell you all you need … Read more

Is Smoked Sausage Already Cooked Or Is It Still Raw?

When you buy smoked sausage, do you have to cook it before it’s safe to eat? Or is smoked sausage already cooked before it’s packaged? It’s important to know the difference, which is why we’ve put together this guide.  Is Smoked Sausage Already Cooked?  Sausage that’s hot smoked has been exposed to heat as well … Read more

Smoked Liver: How To Smoke It Yourself Like an Expert

If you’re a fan of smoked beef liver, why not try making your own? The task requires a fair amount of skill, but that’s no reason to be daunted by it. Our guide will tell you all you need to know about smoked liver, including how to make it properly.  Smoked Liver The key to … Read more

What To Spray On Chicken While Smoking, And Why It Matters

Do you know what to spray on chicken while smoking? Does your choice of liquid have any effect on the results? For that matter, is it really necessary to spritz chicken at all? Read on to find out. What To Spray On Chicken While Smoking You can spray chicken with apple juice, vinegar, citrus juice, … Read more

Do You Have To Brine Chicken Before Smoking Or Not?

Even if you’ve never brined a cut of meat before in your life, you’ve probably heard about the technique. Proponents of the method swear by it, while other chefs claim that it’s an unnecessary step. Do you have to brine chicken before smoking it? And what happens if you don’t? Can you brine frozen chicken, … Read more

How To Get Crispy Skin on Smoked Chicken Every Time

Smoking a whole chicken is a satisfying experience with delectable results—assuming you do it properly. The process isn’t complicated, but if you’re not careful, you might wind up with flabby, rubbery skin. Here’s how to get crispy skin on smoked chicken every time. How To Get Crispy Skin on Smoked Chicken Most of the time, … Read more

Fall Off The Bone Smoked Chicken: Is This What You Want?

When making smoked chicken, do you want it to be so tender that it falls right off the bone? Or should there be a little bit more “chew” involved? Either way, how can you get the results you want? Our guide will explore the possibilities. Fall Off The Bone Smoked Chicken To make fall-off-the-bone smoked … Read more

How Long To Smoke Chicken Per Pound: The Ultimate Guide

Want to know how long to smoke chicken per pound? It depends on the smoker temperature, of course, but we’re here to tell you all you need to know about that, too. When you’re finished reading, you’ll know how to smoke a whole chicken to perfection. How Long to Smoke Chicken Per Pound The hotter … Read more

How Long to Smoke Chicken Leg Quarters at 250 Degrees

If you’re wondering how long to smoke chicken leg quarters at 250 degrees, you’ve come to the right place. Our ultimate guide will tell you all you’ve ever wanted to know about this succulent cut of meat—and how to cook it to perfection. How Long to Smoke Chicken Leg Quarters at 250 Degrees When you … Read more

How Long To Smoke Chicken at 225 Degrees For Superb Results

Whether you’re smoking a batch of chicken wings or the whole bird, you should start with a basic timing estimate based on the smoker temperature. Here’s our ultimate guide on how long to smoke chicken at 225 degrees. How Long To Smoke Chicken at 225 Degrees At 225 degrees, a whole chicken should cook at … Read more

How Long to Smoke Chicken at 250 Degrees: A Complete Guide

Wondering how long to smoke chicken at 250 degrees? Look no further. Our ultimate guide will help you make an educated guess as to how long you can expect your chicken to be on the smoker. How Long to Smoke Chicken at 250 Degrees A whole chicken should cook at a rate of about 45 … Read more

Can You Smoke Frozen Chicken Wings Without Defrosting Them?

Smoked chicken wings are a delicious party snack that can also double as a light meal. If you’ve bought them frozen, or just forgot to take the package out of the freezer, can you cook them off as is, or do you have to thaw them first? Can You Smoke Frozen Chicken Wings? Smoking chicken … Read more

Smoke Chicken Breast Up or Down: Does it Make a Difference?

Smoking a whole chicken is a satisfying experience that yields delicious results. But which is better, smoking the bird with the breast portion facing up or down? Can you even tell the difference? Smoke Chicken Breast Up or Down It’s generally preferable to smoke chicken so that the breast faces away from the heat source. … Read more

Smoking Frozen Chicken Breast: Tips and Techniques

If you’ve just taken a package of chicken breasts out of the freezer and you want to smoke them, is it permissible to do so without thawing the meat first? Or do you need to wait until the meat is fully defrosted before you start to cook? The answer is more complicated than a simple … Read more

Do You Have to Tie Turkey Legs Together During the Smoke?

When you’re prepping a whole bird for the smoker, do you have to tie turkey legs together or not? And what’s the purpose of this exercise, anyway? Read on to find out whether it’s worth it to take this extra step. Do You Have to Tie Turkey Legs Together? It’s not necessary to tie turkey … Read more

How Far in Advance to Buy a Fresh Turkey for the Smoker

When you buy a frozen turkey, you can hold onto it for as long as you’d like before you thaw and cook it. With fresh turkeys, the window is a shorter one. How far in advance should you buy a fresh turkey? Let’s take a look. How Far in Advance to Buy a Fresh Turkey … Read more

How Do You Cook Already Smoked Turkey Legs to Perfection?

Smoked turkey legs are a visually appealing staple of theme parks, county fairs, and other festive outdoor arenas. But did you know you can buy pre-smoked turkey legs and reheat them, instead of waiting for them to cook through? Here’s how to do it. How Do You Cook Already Smoked Turkey Legs? To reheat pre-smoked … Read more

How Much Wood To Smoke a Turkey? And Other Flavorful Tips

When it comes to smoked meat, it’s essential to choose the right type of wood to complement the flavor. However, it’s just as important to make sure you have enough wood on hand to get the job done. Let’s find out how much wood you need to smoke a whole turkey. How Much Wood To … Read more

Smoking 2 Turkeys at the Same Time: How To Double Down

If you have a large smoker and need to cook for a sizable crowd, smoking 2 turkeys at the same time is faster than smoking a single huge bird. Our ultimate guide will provide you with the info you need to capitalize on this technique. Smoking 2 Turkeys at the Same Time First and foremost, … Read more

Smoking an 18 Pound Turkey: Can It Be Done? Pro Tips

The first time you succeed in smoking a whole turkey, you’ll be tempted to repeat the process again and again. Since most turkeys that are sold commercially are very large, though, it can be a daunting prospect. Here’s our ultimate guide on smoking an 18 pound turkey to golden, juicy perfection. Smoking an 18 Pound … Read more

Best Store Bought Rub For Smoked Turkey—And Other Tips

Long-time readers may already know that we prefer making our own seasoning rub for smoked meats. That said, if you’re pressed for time or just don’t have access to all the ingredients you need, a store bought rub can work well in a pinch. In this guide, we’ll share details about some of our favorite … Read more

Why is My Smoked Turkey Rubbery? How To Achieve Crisp Skin

Ideally, your smoked turkey should have crisp mahogany skin and a juicy texture. It’s therefore disappointing when you put in all that hard work, only to find that the outside of the bird is soft and rubbery. If this happens to you, it’s best if you can identify the cause. This will help you prevent … Read more

How To Keep a Smoked Turkey Warm Without Drying it Out

As hard as we try to estimate the correct cooking time, every cut of meat cooks at a different pace. This is especially true when it comes to low-and-slow cooking applications like smoking. If your turkey reaches the ideal serving temperature a few hours before you planned to serve the meat, is there anything you … Read more

Can You Smoke a Turkey The Day Before You Serve It?

Since it takes a while to smoke a turkey, can you prepare it the day before you’re planning on serving the meat? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this method. Can You Smoke a Turkey The Day Before? Smoking turkey a day in advance won’t do any real harm, but it … Read more

Best Temp To Smoke Turkey For Juicy, Flavorful Results

It takes a while to smoke a turkey properly, but that’s true of most large cuts of meat. The question is, what’s the best temp to smoke turkey, and how long can you expect it to take? Best Temp To Smoke Turkey When smoking turkey, 275 degrees is our preferred temperature. This gives the smoker … Read more

Smoked Turkey Breast Side Up or Down: Which Way is Best?

No matter what cut of meat you’re smoking, there will be differing opinions on how to position it on the cooking grate. Whole turkeys are no exception. In this guide, we’ll explore the debate behind smoked turkey breast side up or down to help you decide. Smoked Turkey Breast Side Up or Down When you … Read more

Smoking Turkey at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit: The Ultimate Guide

It can be more challenging to smoke a whole turkey than it is to smoke other large cuts. That’s mainly because poultry is leaner than smoker staples like brisket and pork butt, which makes it prone to overcooking. If you decide to go for it, what’s the protocol for smoking turkey at 350 degrees? And … Read more

How Long To Smoke a Turkey at 300 Degrees Fahrenheit

As all good pitmasters know, the total cooking time depends on a number of factors. The weight of the meat, the reliability of the smoker, even the outside temperature—all of these can affect the length of the smoke. However, selecting the right smoker temperature can help you predict the amount of time your turkey might … Read more

Mesquite Smoked Turkey: Suggestions and Alternatives

Once you’ve mastered the basics—smoked pork ribs, beef brisket, and the like—why not experiment with smoking a whole turkey? Although it’s important to cook the bird to a safe temperature, the process isn’t difficult—and the results are delicious. Here’s our complete guide to mesquite smoked turkey, including a couple of variations that you might enjoy. … Read more

What Size Turkey For Smoking: And How Long To Cook It

There’s something inherently satisfying about smoking a whole turkey. Since poultry is leaner than cuts like pork butt and beef brisket, it can be challenging to cook it for a long time at low temps without drying out the meat. The length of the smoke depends on the size of the turkey, so what size … Read more

Best Binder For Smoked Turkey: How To Apply The Rub

When preparing a cut of meat for the smoker, you want to make sure the spices will stick to the exterior. This is especially important when it comes to smoked turkey, because crisp flavorful skin is one of the hallmarks of the dish. This guide is designed to help you find the best binder for … Read more

What To Put In Turkey Cavity When Smoking The Whole Bird

You’ve got your turkey all ready for the smoker—but there’s nothing in the cavity. Should you add anything to the inside of the bird, or is it better to leave it empty? Here are a few ideas about what to put in turkey cavity when smoking the entire bird. What To Put In Turkey Cavity … Read more

Brining Ribs Before Smoking: Is It Worth It? Pro Tips & More

Most of you are probably familiar with brining, even if you’ve never tried it before yourself. The question is, will this process benefit your pork ribs, or is it a waste of time? The choice is yours, but it’s always better to make an informed one. Brining Ribs Before Smoking Brining, or the process of … Read more

Are Smoked Pork Chops Already Cooked Or Are They Raw?

Are smoked pork chops already cooked when you buy them, or do you need to cook them to a safe internal temperature? In this guide, we’ll explain everything you ever wanted to know about smoked pork chops—and maybe answer a question or two you never thought of. Are Smoked Pork Chops Already Cooked? The smoked … Read more

How Long To Smoke Ribs at 175/180 Degrees Fahrenheit

For the most part, we advocate smoking ribs at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you want to set the temp a bit lower, you’ll need a general idea of how long the process might take. Here’s our guide on how long to smoke ribs at 175/180 degrees. How Long To Smoke Ribs at 175/180 Degrees … Read more

Overnight Smoked Pork Shoulder: How To Sleep On It

Those of you who prefer a low-key cooking process should try making overnight smoked pork shoulder. The technique allows the smoke to slowly permeate the meat while you sleep, giving you less to do on the day you plan to serve it. Here’s how to pull it off. Overnight Smoked Pork Shoulder When smoking pork … Read more

Smoking Multiple Pork Shoulders: Increasing Your Yield

Have you ever tried smoking multiple pork shoulders at once? Assuming that you have a unit large enough to accommodate them, this can be a great way to boost your total meat yield. In this guide, we’ll share our most useful tips regarding this method. Smoking Multiple Pork Shoulders In order to smoke multiple pork … Read more

What Temp Does Pork Fat Render When It’s On The Smoker?

When you smoke a cut of pork, you want the fat to render out so that the meat is juicy and flavorful. That brings us to the question: At what temp does pork fat render, and why is this such an important stage of the smoking process? What Temp Does Pork Fat Render? Pork fat … Read more

Is Cherry Wood Good For Smoking Pork? If So, Which Cuts?

Experimenting with different types of wood is one of our favorite aspects of the grilling and smoking lifestyle. Cherry is an interesting pick, but does it go well with cuts of pork? And if so, which ones does it suit best? Let’s take a look. Is Cherry Wood Good For Smoking Pork? Cherry is a … Read more

Smoking 2 Briskets at Once: Pro Tips for Maximum Yield

Is there a trick to smoking 2 briskets at once? What allowances do you need to make when you’re planning out the barbecue? Our guide has all the answers you’re looking for—and maybe a few that you hadn’t thought of. Smoking 2 Briskets at Once It’s possible to smoke two briskets at once as long … Read more

Sear Brisket Before Smoking: To Do or Not To Do?

Should you sear brisket before smoking it? The answer depends on who you ask. This guide will give you our take on the issue—along with the data we collected before arriving at our conclusion. Sear Brisket Before Smoking When you sear a cut of meat, you’re attempting to create a crisp coating that will seal … Read more

Smoking Brisket at 325 (Hot and Fast): How To Pull It Off

There will be times when you’re in the mood for smoked brisket, but you just can’t make the time commitment that’s typically required. Is there any way around the “low and slow” rule? Let’s take a look at the “hot and fast” method of smoking brisket at 325 to determine how it might affect the … Read more

Smoking Brisket The Day Before You Plan To Serve It

Since brisket takes such a long time to cook—and because you can never predict exactly when it will be ready—you might want to consider smoking it ahead of time and reheating it. This guide will help you decide whether this is the best course of action. Smoking Brisket The Day Before If you’re concerned about … Read more

How Many Pounds Of Pellets To Smoke A Brisket?

Are you new to the world of pellet smoking? Congratulations–you’re taking your first steps into an exciting new world of flavor. It takes a long time to smoke a brisket, so you may be wondering how many pounds of pellets you’ll need to get the job done. This guide is here to fill you in–and … Read more

Smoker Ran Out Of Pellets While Cooking Brisket: What Next?

It’s a pitmaster’s nightmare: The smoker ran out of pellets while cooking brisket. What went wrong, and how can you avoid this issue in the future? And most importantly, is the brisket still safe to eat? Let’s find out. Smoker Ran Out Of Pellets While Cooking Brisket When the smoker runs out of pellets during … Read more

Smoke a Brisket On A WSM 18: Can It Fit A Whole Packer?

If you’re tempted to try smoking a brisket on your WSM but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing piece of equipment and the effect it may have on your next cookout. Smoke a Brisket On a … Read more

Smoking Brisket at 180 Degrees: Does This Method Work?

Smoking brisket at 180 degrees can be a challenge, especially if your smoker runs on the cooler side. Here’s what you can expect from the process if you decide to try it for yourself. Smoking Brisket at 180 Degrees If you want to impart a heavy dose of smoke flavor to your brisket, you can … Read more

Smoking Brisket at 300: Is This Temperature Too High?

You probably already know that you should smoke beef brisket at a low temperature. But how low should you go? Is smoking brisket at 300 an acceptable method, or will the meat cook too fast at this temperature? Let’s find out. Smoking Brisket at 300 300 degrees is an acceptable temperature for smoking brisket. Setting … Read more

Smoking Brisket Flat and Point Separately: Pros and Cons

Smoking a whole packer brisket can be a challenge. If you opt to separate the flat and the point, the task becomes more manageable. In this guide, we’ll go over the pros and cons of smoking brisket flat and point separately. Smoking Brisket Flat and Point Separately Although many pitmasters consider it a point of … Read more

Boil Brisket Before Smoking: Time Saver or Flavor Shaver?

Is it a good idea to boil brisket before smoking it? What’s the reasoning behind this method? The more you know about brisket (and barbecue), the easier it will be to answer this question. Boil Brisket Before Smoking Boiling the brisket before adding it to the smoker will drastically reduce the total cooking time. Unfortunately, … Read more

Should You Flip Brisket When Smoking It Or Leave It Be?

The question of whether to smoke brisket with the fat side facing up or down is one that continues to be hotly debated. Some pitmasters opt for the “best of both worlds” approach of flipping the meat halfway through the smoke—or even more than once. But is this a good idea? Should You Flip Brisket … Read more

Smoke Brisket In Pan or On Rack: Which Technique Works Best?

Should you smoke brisket directly on the cooking grate, or use a disposable aluminum pan instead? Even if this isn’t your first time making smoked brisket, you may be wondering which method is preferable. Let’s find out. Smoke Brisket In Pan or On Rack It’s easier to handle a large brisket if you smoke it … Read more

How Long To Smoke Pork Shoulder at 225 Degrees Fahrenheit

When it’s done right, slow-cooked pork shoulder is an amazing thing. It’s not a difficult skill to master, but there are certain rules you have to follow. Let’s find out how long to smoke pork shoulder at 225 degrees for meat that’s tender and moist throughout. How Long To Smoke Pork Shoulder at 225 Degrees … Read more

How Long To Smoke Pork Shoulder at 300 & 350: Is It Too Hot?

As a rule, you should smoke pork shoulder at a low temperature. This is a fatty cut with a great deal of collagen, so it needs time in addition to heat in order to yield the best results. Is 300 degrees low enough? What if you were to ramp up the temperature to 350 degrees? … Read more

How Much Does Pork Shoulder Shrink During The Smoke?

When you bring a pork shoulder home from the butcher shop, you might expect it to lose some of its package weight due to trimming. But how much does the meat shrink while it’s cooking, and what does that mean for your barbecue? We’re here to provide you with the answers so you’re not caught … Read more

Leftover Smoked Pork Loin: Will It Still Be Good Tomorrow?

If you’re like us, you like to smoke more meat than you think you’ll need. Because it takes so long to get the results you want, it’s better to have too much than too little. Fortunately, leftovers are one of the best aspects of a successful barbecue. Here are our suggestions on the best ways … Read more

Smoking Ribs Without Foil: How To Eliminate The Crutch

Amateur pitmasters will often wrap their ribs in foil at some point during the cook. Even some professionals still resort to this technique. Although the practice is acceptable, it’s not necessary if you know what you’re doing. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of smoking ribs without foil. Smoking Ribs Without Foil … Read more

How Long To Smoke a 20 Pound Turkey, And Other Tips

Smoked turkey makes a delicious centerpiece to a holiday feast. It also has a myriad of other uses, from a sandwich filling to the base for a savory stew. The larger the bird, the more meat you’ll get, but is it a good idea to use the smoker? Let’s go over how long to smoke … Read more

How Long To Smoke Brisket At 225: Taking It Low and Slow

What’s the ideal temperature for smoked brisket? This is a question that pitmasters will never cease to debate. The one thing that we can all agree on is that the temp should remain low. In our opinion, 225 degrees is ideal, but how long will the process take? How Long To Smoke Brisket at 225 … Read more

How Long To Smoke Brisket at 250 Degrees For Best Results

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