Best 5 Burner Gas Grill in 2024: Buying Guide and Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the BEST five-burner gas grill is, then we recommend the Napoleon Prestige 500 or the Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma as the best one.

There’s nothing better than barbecuing for friends and family to have gobs of fun at home. You’ve got the space to entertain. All you need is the perfect grill to get the party started. We reviewed a ton of grills to help you find the best 5 burner gas grill.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 5-burner gas grills:

How to Choose the Best 5 Burner Gas Grill

Since you are in the market for a five-burner grill, you obviously intend to cook for a lot of people. At least you intend to cook a lot of food at once. But do you have an outdoor kitchen? Do you plan to build one? A five-burner grill head would be what gets dropped into your outdoor space. They are superior units to own because of their durability and wide range of cooking options.

If you do get a grill head, you will need to consider whether you need one that runs on natural gas or propane. Get the appropriate grill instead of adapting an ill-suited grill.

Outdoor kitchens and the grill heads they require would separate you from quite a bit of cash. Your budget may dictate that you purchase a free-standing grill. Prices vary widely even among those. And there are also many features to consider. 

What are the Advantages/Benefits of 5 Burner Gas Grills?

According to Napoleon much of the reason barbecued food tastes better to us than food prepared indoors is the smells associated with smoking and cooking the food. Marinades, sauces, butter, and so on float through the air, making everyone extra hungry. Sure, particular food just naturally tastes better when prepared on an outdoor grill, but the smells that grills put out get your guests salivating before they put that first bite into their mouths.

Just imagine how much salivating will go on when you fire up a five-burner grill and load it up with brisket, buttered vegetables, and other delectables. You will likely attract the neighbors to your family gathering. I know we do whenever we fire up one of our outdoor grills.

The five-burner grills are made with more grilling options than two-burner grills are, such as a rotisserie or a drop-in griddle option. And the outdoor kitchen grill heads tend to offer a full range of grilling options.

Just about any gas grill is infinitely easier to use than old-fashioned charcoal grills are. Push a button and you have instant heat. And the clean-up process? OMG, what a difference a gas grill makes. You don’t breathe ashes, and you don’t handle ashes.

Things to Look for/Attributes that Differentiate these Grills

Some features are pretty standard from grill to grill, but there are some differences. Features to choose from include the following:

  • Outdoor kitchen grill head or free-standing grill
  • Side burner
  • Cabinet or stand bottom
  • Burner BTU output
  • Size of cooking area
  • Type of gas
  • Rotisserie or not
  • Infrared
  • Options that can be purchased for it
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of transporting
  • Quality of the stainless steel
  • Quality of controls
  • Appearance

What’s the Best Way to Use 5 Burner Gas Grills?

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor kitchen and a grill head, you may be unfortunate to be a leach magnet. I mean, everyone knows that as long as the weather is fine, that high-capacity, hard-working grill will likely to be in use, grilling every kind of delectable food that people throw onto grills. So, uninvited guests may become frequent visitors. You may want to ask the worst repeat offenders to buy the beer.

A free-standing grill would likely be placed quite a bit closer to the house, and so only a faint aroma of grilling meat would give it away that you are using your grill. You owners of a cart-styled one can roll your unit out a bit further from the house, if you dare.

All kidding aside, there are particular foods that people grill and some they don’t. Some people hunt and then cook and freeze the meat all at once. But most people entertain or cook for their large families on five-burner grills.

Some kinds of foods are good for grilling while others aren’t. Here are some ideas as to what you can cook on a grill.

The free-standing grills will require a lot of extra tender loving care to maintain them. Because they are not made of the highest quality of stainless steel, you can expect to see some rust. You will want to do whatever you can to prevent, or at least delay, the rust process. For instance, you could season the cast iron parts often, use foil, remove and clean grease pans, rub down the sheet metal with a protective product of some sort, and so on.

Best 5 Burner Gas Grill Reviews

#1 Nexgrill

This sleek-looking stainless steel gas grill is quite impressive in both appearance and performance. Its large wheels and cart style let you easily roll it out to where you need it. The propane tank and your handy grilling tools fit neatly inside the black cabinet.

Need extra grilling space? No problem. This gas grill has a side burner. I really appreciate the side burner feature, considering the time that I entertained a lot of my family members and some people had to watch others eat.


  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Nice grill for the price
  • Stands at an impressive height of 46.75 inches with a depth of 25 inches when assembled
  • Stainless steel
  • Impressive-looking appearance
  • Two-toned, with stainless steel grill and a solid black cabinet
  • Built strong
  • Looks strong
  • Two side tables (one a burner)
  • Handy, large-capacity black cabinet hides tank and grilling accessories
  • Easy to move, in a cart style with large wheels
  • Two cast iron grates (13.75”W x 17.125”D each)
  • Large total cooking area (27”W x 17”D)
  • Side burner
  • Five burners
  • Runs on liquid propane gas
  • Rotisserie can be added (This is a Nexgrill brand grill, model 720-0888N)
  • Two- and three-year protection plans available


  • Customers report that it rusts within two years, so it may not actually be made of stainless steel or a quality grade of stainless steel
  • The hood rusts fairly quickly, but customer service will replace it

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#2 Broil King Regal S590 Pro & Baron S590

Here is one smart-looking monster of a gas grill. Like the previous one, this one is two-toned and features stainless steel and black parts. But this one has TWO stainless steel doors. Sorry, but it shouldn’t be installed into outdoor kitchens.


  • Includes grill lift tool
  • Includes premium electric rotisserie kit with a three-prong plug that requires an ac adapter
  • Stainless steel grade is a high-quality 304
  • Durable because of high-quality stainless steel and enameled or zinc-coated parts
  • Stainless steel cooking system (Flav-R-Wave)
  • Stainless steel burners (Dual-Tube)
  • Even temperatures from the Regal S590 Pro
  • Heavy-duty, stainless-steel cooking grids, (9mm rods)
  • Retains heat well
  • Gives bold sear marks
  • Large primary cooking space (625 square inches)
  • Main burner puts out 55,000 BTU
  • Side burner puts out 10,000 BTU
  • Rear rotisserie puts out 15,000 BTU
  • Blue LED control knobs (Get model 957144 for plain knobs)
  • Easy-clean grease trap located in the drawer that is hidden inside the cabinet
  • Easy-reach area for igniter battery replacement inside black button behind the left cabinet
  • Easy-reach area for LED light replacement inside cabinet
  • Given choice of propane or natural gas connection when ordering
  • Can purchase conversion components from customer service to convert connection (Contact [email protected] )
  • Several warranties


  • Does not come with a cover. Can use the cover made for the Broil King 68491 grill
  • Side burner only installable on the grill’s left side
  • Requires 30” of ventilation space behind and beside it. Plastic knobs sometimes fall off

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#3 Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma

If you are searching for a heavy-duty natural gas grill head to install into your outdoor kitchen, this Brahma may be just what you need. Its five burners put out a whopping 90,000 BTU. In fact, just about everything about this beautiful drop-in, stainless-steel grill appears to be well-made.

You wouldn’t have to choose what feature you could live without either because everything you could want in a grill is included in this easy-to-clean hard worker. That includes a rotisserie, a rear infrared burner, internal lights… You can even purchase a griddle insert for it.


  • Good outdoor kitchen grilling option for those building an outdoor kitchen
  • Stainless steel panels, cooking grates, and warming racks
  • Cast stainless steel burners
  • Quality overall construction
  • Features a rotisserie with a rotisserie motor and a chrome plated rod and spit
  • Rotisserie included, accommodates large pieces of meat
  • Drop-in five-burner outdoor grill
  • Griddle insert is available for this grill for an extra charge
  • Rear infrared burner
  • Puts out a total of 90,000 BTUs
  • Gets hot quickly
  • Uses natural gas
  • Liquid propane version also available
  • Cooking area 760 square inches
  • Warming rack 266 square inches
  • Even heat distribution
  • Full-size drip tray
  • Hose and regulator
  • Heavy-duty thermometer
  • Roll-top hood with dual lining
  • Welded edges on hood
  • Two internal lights
  • Easy to take apart to clean
  • CSA certified
  • NSF approved


  • Requires installation into a natural gas-powered outdoor kitchen island (available separately)
  • No searing station
  • Some customers report a problem with uneven cooking

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#4 Char-Broil Performance 550

This liquid propane gas grill is another choice for a heavy-duty, free-standing five-burner grill. It features beautiful stainless steel all over, even on its two cabinet doors.

Various manufacturer’s warranties that come with this grill assure you that you will have more time to enjoy it.


  • Can be assembled by one person
  • Uses a 20-pound propane tank
  • Classy and modern, with a low-profile lid
  • Puts out 45,000 BTU in main grilling area
  • Puts out 10,000 BTU from side burner
  • Can use lidded side burner as extra table, prep space, or to keep food hot
  • Can cook with either direct heat or indirect heat
  • Can order rotisserie model #9468102 for this grill
  • Can buy griddle grates from the Charbroil website that fit this grill
  • Temperature ranges from 250 to 650 degrees
  • Primary cooking area is 550 square inches (very large)
  • Secondary cooking area is 205 square inches on a swing-away rack
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • Stainless steel cabinet, control panel fascia, handle, and lid
  • Black-painted steel side shelf
  • Electronic ignition
  • Easy-access grease pan
  • Ample-sized, two-door storage cabinet
  • Good grill for the price
  • One-, two-, and five-year warranties included from time of purchase


  • Difficult, pop-out packaging for the screws
  • Somewhat unclear assembly instructions regarding how to lock the wheels
  • May need to use screws to open threads
  • Panel holes frequently don’t align properly
  • Some grills arrive damaged by UPS
  • May get one that does not distribute heat evenly
  • Handle can get hot enough to burn hands

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#5 Dyna-Glo DGE Series

I really love the look of this handsome stainless-steel, five-burner propane grill in the gunmetal tone with black accents. And you can hide the tank, your tools, and all of your grilling spice secrets behind the cabinet’s two black doors. The side burner uses the same tank as the other burners.


  • Good bargain
  • Adequate assembly directions
  • Professional-looking
  • Stainless steel burners, grates, heat tents, warming rack, and flavor enhancer bars
  • Burners are commercial-grade
  • Cooking grates are heavy-gauge (7 mm), 3 pcs
  • Five heat tents
  • Temperature gauge
  • Puts out 10,000 BTUs through each of five straight-tube burners
  • Puts out 12,000 BTUs on side burner
  • Electronic ignition
  • Infinite control settings
  • Total cooking area is 708 square inches
  • Main cooking area measures 29″W x 18″D
  • Two-door full storage cabinet
  • Handy hidden pull-out tray for turn on/off and switch-out of 20-pound tank
  • Removable grease trap and drip tray
  • Side burner shares the same tank with the other burners
  • Accurate temperature gauge
  • Minimal flame-ups
  • Cooks evenly
  • Can purchase a rotisserie for it
  • Custom-fitted premium cover (#DG500C) available for an extra charge


  • Scattered parts for each assembly step.
  • The two-inch air inlet in the back releases heat, smoke, and even fire.
  • Some people find it necessary to use lava rocks to even out the heat
  • No propane gauge
  • No rear burner for a rotisserie
  • The base cabinet is all painted steel – not stainless steel
  • Lid top, fire box, grill basin, dripping pan, tents, and grates quickly rust – not stainless

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Full Dyna-Glo gas grills review here.

#6 Even Embers

Here is a quality-built, cart-style outdoor grill with rubber wheels and a large cabinet. Being a single person who usually must transport a grill alone, I appreciate cart-style grills.

The hood on this 54.5-inch tall sucker is fully welded, which gives it more durability. Other than the attractive stainless-steel lid and control area, this propane gas grill is completely black.

This side burner delivers 12,000 BTU. Sadly, the main burners only put out 9,600 BTU per burner. However, each burner has its own igniter, and you get a 10-year warranty on the burners.


  • Good grill for the price
  • Quality construction
  • Attractive cabinet
  • Fully welded, durable stainless steel hood
  • Rubber wheels
  • Ceramic-coated, stainless-steel burner
  • Cast iron cooking grates, heavy duty
  • Stainless steel tents
  • Easy to use, with quick ignition, good knobs and gauge
  • Each burner has its own igniter
  • Heats up quickly
  • Even cooking
  • No lava rocks needed
  • Makes great sear marks
  • Main grilling area measures 26” x 18”
  • Total cooking area 715 square inches
  • Removable grease cup and tray
  • Can use with a 20-pound propane tank
  • Comes with match holder for manual lighting
  • Helpful customer service
  • 10-year warranty on burners


  • BTU output low on the main burners, making it take longer to cook food (Delivers just 9,600 BTUs per burner)
  • No written assembly instructions, just good pictorial instructions
  • No user manual
  • Cast iron grates not porcelain-coated as described, so they need to be seasoned
  • Unstable clasps given to attach cart to the grill

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#7 Megamaster 720-0982

This sleek, all-black Megamaster liquid propane gas grill resembles an electric keyboard, but the music you will hear from it is the mouth-watering sizzle sounds of your favorite foods cooking. If you are looking for a bargain, this grill may be the one for you. It gives you every feature that you need, just maybe not all of the one that you want.


  • Bargain priced
  • Easy to assemble if mechanically inclined
  • Tank hole and lock
  • Large, heavy-duty cart-style wheels
  • Lid enameled with porcelain
  • Auto light
  • Cast iron cooking grids enameled with 7mm matte porcelain
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Puts out a total of 50,000 BTUs
  • Main cooking area is 474 square inches
  • Upper-level, porcelain wire warming rack gives another 182 square inches of grilling space
  • Permanently-attached upper rack
  • Porcelain-enameled flame tamers distribute heat and protect burners
  • Battery-operated electronic ignition
  • Heats up fast
  • Retains heat very well
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Oversized (13.5” wide each) side tables
  • Very easy to clean, especially since the entire pans can be removed
  • One-year limited warranty overall, with some components covered longer (i.e. five years on the burners)


  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • One must determine screw sizes and orientations when assembling grill
  • Design error concerning triangle feet for stationary legs, though fixable with a knife
  • Thin metal for a grill, but is stable once assembled
  • May arrive dented or with broken parts, but is easily replaced
  • Knobs may not control temperature/flow rate – might have to control it on the fuel tank

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#8 Napoleon Prestige 500

Customers rated this outdoor kitchen propane grill head with 4.4 out of 5 stars. I’ve got to say that I agree with them. Napoleon has put out some impressive, durable outdoor units for several years now. Like its predecessors, this stylish unit includes all heavy-duty components.

Among its many grilling options is the infrared burner in the back, which lets you make perfect rotisserie meals, and a charcoal tray for smoking or for a charcoal-cooked flavor. The PRO version offers even more bells and whistles. Cut out dimensions on this unit are 30.75″W x 20.625″D x 8.875″H.


  • Napoleon has a great reputation for making long-lasting outdoor grills
  • Stylish, smart-looking and shiny
  • Made durable, with stainless steel
  • All components of thick gauge
  • Comes with built-in regulator and metal connector
  • Includes rotisserie
  • No electrical outlet required except when using the rotisserie
  • Jetfire ignition system
  • Easy to operate
  • Integrated infrared burner in rear for rotisserie meals
  • Includes charcoal tray for a smoking and grilling option
  • Direct or indirect cooking
  • Puts out 66,000 BTUs in main grilling area
  • Total cooking area of 760 square inches
  • Reversible cast iron cooking grids
  • Even heating, perfect sear marks
  • Includes stainless steel wave cooking grids


  • Won’t sell you just the main burner assembly
  • Would have to spend more money if you want the Pro 500 model, which has an upgraded 304 stainless steel grill body and warming rack, an improved rotisserie kit, in-hood lighting, and the really cool backlit knobs

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Best 5 Burner Gas Grill: The Verdict

To compare free-standing grills to outdoor kitchen grill heads is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. While all of the various gas grills spend years outdoors, the free-standing ones are notoriously made with poor quality metals. They also give you comparatively few grilling options. That is a shame because we found some very nice-looking free-standing five-burner grills that have some nice features.

So, we prefer the higher quality and also the full range of grilling options found in outdoor kitchen heads. While the Bull BBQ 57569 Brahma was a tough competitor, the Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500 outdoor kitchen head takes first place.

Napoleon has been around a long time and has built a good name for itself. We noted the extra thick gauge of all of its components in the Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500. And we liked the fact that we could cook with infrared, cook a large bird on a rotisserie, smoke meat, or cook over old-fashioned charcoal in the grill.

Other than one disgruntled customer who wanted to buy just the main burner assembly, there weren’t complaints found regarding the Napoleon, whereas Bull Brahma owners complained about searing and uneven heat in their grill.

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