Best 6-Burner Gas Grill in 2024: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the BEST 6 burner gas grill is, then we recommend the Weber Summit E-670 as the best one.

After you have been grilling for a while, you graduate to bigger and better grills. Once you have achieved the six-burner gas grill level, your friends can finally call you The Master of Grills. At this point, you probably know the basics of buying a great gas grill, but are interested in learning all of those new grilling technologies you haven’t tried yet. Here are a few additional tips and reviews to help you find the perfect six-burner grill that will definitely allow you to show off those grilling skills.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 6-burner gas grills:

6 Burner Gas Grills Buying Guide

Cast Aluminum versus Stainless Steel

  • Cast Aluminum – Traditionally, grills have been made using cast aluminum due to its rust-resistant qualities, and its ability to distribute heat evenly. It is also very durable and usually comes with at least a 10-year guarantee. Depending on the casting’s quality, the aluminum can vary by grade and thickness.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the best metal to choose for the body of your grill. It is great for performance and durability in a grill, and you want both the frame and body to made with it. Stainless steel is available in several types for your grill body, but they do differ in price and performance. Keep in mind that the smaller the stainless steel number type, the better quality it is.

Stainless-steel versus Porcelain-enameled Grates

Of the two, porcelain-enameled is the better choice. Both are rust-resistant, but cooking on porcelain-enameled grates will also keep the steel inside the grill itself protected from heat damage and rust. It also provides great insulation letting the grill maintain a high temperature.

Infrared Burners

If you are looking for some new grill technology, check out infrared burners. Giving your food a good sear, an infrared burner directs heat to a ceramic tile where it is converted into infrared energy. Once the infrared burners have that high heat going, it is radiated into the food to give it a quick sear locking in the juices.

I am in love with this new technology and love to show it off to my friends. The high heat is really impressive to a group of guys, and my friends all line up to watch me put a sear on their steaks. 

Other Great Grill Features


Having a rotisserie on your grill is a neat gadget that I love. I love using Greek spices and trying to recreate those great meals you get in Greek restaurants. A rotisserie allows you to slow roast your meat, which develops a nice juicy product from the self-basting feature that everyone loves in a rotisserie.

Side Burners

So, you might be thinking, why do I need a side burner? Well, for starters, you can use it for other items that you don’t want to grill, but heat up. You can also use it with cooking pots and sauté pans. Basically, whatever else you want to cook to create an entire meal on the grill. I find it handy to sauté mushrooms for my steaks or cook some asparagus, so I don’t have to run back and forth into the kitchen while I grill.


A thermometer is always handy. You will often find six-burner grills that include them in the grill’s hood or body. Some grills even have multiple thermometers, so you can monitor the temperature throughout the grill for consistency. While others feature thermometers that you can take out and use inside the grill to check the temperature of the interior.

Warming Racks

A handy warming rack is always a nice feature. Usually, they are attached to the inside of the grill and give you a few more square inches where you can keep the food you just grilled warm.

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill Reviews

#1 Monument Grills

Featuring LED controls and a side burner, the Monument Grills 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill provides a design that is all stainless-steel. With six burners, you get a total of 84,000 BTUs of energy over 634 sq. inches of cooking space, plus a 266 sq. inch warming rack and a side burner. Featuring seamless welding, the stainless-steel lid and burners give you rich and flavorful grilling

The Monument Grills includes an ignition system that is easy to use for fast startups and a center-mounted thermometer to capture temperatures in the grill’s interior. With rear access, the grease tray is zinc-plated, so it is easy to clean. And you also get a catch pan that is easy to remove. The steel cabinet comes with doors and two side shelves that include hooks for grilling tools and an enclosed tank tray that is easy to pull out.


  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • Nice high-quality grill that comes with a rotisserie
  • Handy LED lights for cooking at night


  • Need to add the USB in the directions of web site

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#2 Megamaster 720-0983

Featuring 9,000 BTUs over a 753 sq. inch cooking area, the Megamaster Gas Grill features six burners and an electronic ignition. The cast-iron cooking grates and flame tamers are covered in porcelain-enamel protecting the burners while distributing heat evenly over the cooking surface.

The Megamaster also features oversized side shelves measuring 13 ½ inches that gives you enough area for prep work and storing your supplies. The built-in thermometer includes an easy to read gauge and provides accurate temperature control. And, the included warming rack gives you an additional 210 sq. inches of space.

The electronic ignition is battery-operated, so it will fire up your burners instantly. Plus, you can maneuver your grill easily with the two heavy-duty cart-style wheels. With all six burners going, you get a total of 54,000 BTUs of energy to cook for your next neighborhood party.


  • Well-designed grill with good ventilation
  • Good value grill for the money
  • It is made with a heavy-duty material that will last awhile


  • The electric lighter doesn’t work very well
  • It is not a good choice for grilling in the winter, it does not hold heat well

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#3 Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R

The split lid, six-burner Royal Gourmet Mirage Gas Grill comes with an infrared burner and a side burner. This stainless-steel gas grill gives you a total of 96,000 BTUs over a 963 sq. inch cooking area. With such a large cooking area, you can actually cook 80 hot dogs all at once.

While you cook, two stainless steel lids with cast aluminum end caps keep in the heat, plus you can cook different types of food in either of the fireboxes. The cast-iron porcelain-coated cooking grates feature a slope design that helps to trap oil giving your meat a better flavor. Plus, you get sturdy side tables made of stainless steel that provide handy hooks for tools.

The Mirage also gives you an easy to use electric ignition system on the stainless-steel control panel for quick and easy startups. The enclosed stainless-steel cabinet gives you storage space for your grilling equipment as well as the LP tank. With flour flexible casters, you get a nice brake system that allows you to make quick stops when moving the grill.


  • The assembly isn’t too difficult
  • The grill comes with a large cooking area, side shelves, and storage space
  • You get a lot of nice features for the price


  • It takes a really long time to assemble
  • The internal drip plates do not seem to be designed well and do not drain the fat

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#4 Weber Summit E-670

The Weber Summit E-670 is a monster of a gas grill. It comes with tons of features including a rotisserie system, separate fork and spit storage in the enclosed cart, a flush-mounted side burner, and a stainless-steel smoker box. The six main burners provide 60,000 BTUs over a 769 sq. inch cooking area, plus you also get the Weber Flavorizer bars to give you food a better taste.

The Weber Summit E-670 gives you front-mounted controls and a Snap-Jet ignition system that lights each of the burners individually. The cook box and shroud provide a great heat circulation process around your food that can be used with either indirect or direct heat. The cook box houses the cooking grates and burner tubes, which are made of high-grade stainless steel allowing them to stand up to moisture.

The Flavorizer bar system catches the drippings and then uses them to add flavor to your food while protecting the burner tubes and preventing flare-ups. Consisting of a catch pan and angled grease tray, the grease management system sits under the cook box well away to prevent fire. Plus, the catch pan and grease tray are easy to slide out and clean.

Other features include a side burner, the rotisserie feature, and sear station burner that allow you to cook multiple things while you grill. The shroud is porcelain-enameled and comes with a built-in thermometer. The included cabinet comes with two locking canisters on the front and back for both easy maneuverability and security. The Weber Summit E-670 can be used with either natural gas or an LP tank, plus it comes with a fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel you have at all times.


  • There is almost no assembly with this grill
  • The grill gives you great-tasting food that is restaurant quality
  • It is perfect for grilling food for large groups of people


  • The grill goes through propane tanks very quickly
  • The smoker box needs to be just a little bigger so wood chunks would fit easier

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#5 Broil King Regal XLS Pro

Designed to feed large groups of people, the six-burner, Broil King Regal XLS Pro Gas Grill comes with two separate cook boxes as well as the performance grilling technology of Broil King. Allowing you the versatility to cook a wide range of food, you can sear steaks, rotisserie cook chicken and roasts, and even bake dessert. You get full heat control with linear-flow valves that feature 180-degree Sensi-Touch control knobs, so you can set the grill at the precise temperatures you need.

With 750 sq. inches of cooking area and 1000 sq. inches of total cooking area, the Regal XLS gives you a total of 60,000 BTUs from just the main burner. You also get blue LED lit control knobs, so you can see the controls as it gets dark. The propane tanks are easy and fast to change out thanks to the Broil King’s pull-out tank drawer.

Constructed of high-grade, die-cast aluminum, the Broil King Regal XLS Pro features a durable cook box that gives you great heat retention and long lifespan. Both cook boxes were created to give you even heat retention for accurate control. The patented dual-tube burners are made of heavy-duty, high-quality stainless steel that gives you additional heat distribution over two rows of flame on each burner.

The Regal XLS comes with a high-powered side burner giving you more versatility when cooking side dishes. The rotisserie burner comes with a premium spit rod and a motor that gives consistent heat for incredible tasting results. The cooking system also comes with Flav-R-Wave that vaporizes drippings instantly creating vapor that is infused back into the food.


  • This is a sturdy, well-made grill
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • It comes with a bunch of features, including a rotisserie feature


  • When grilling, food can get a little too burned because of flare-ups
  • Heat distribution across the entire surface is not even

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#6 Durable Outdoor Barbeque & Burger Gas Grill

This six-burner grill is great when entertaining large groups. The Backyard Grill Outdoor Barbeque & Burger Gas Grill comes with a side burner that gives you versatility when cooking. Plus, this grill allows you to choose between gas or charcoal depending on what you are grilling.

Featuring a porcelain heat plate and chrome plated warming rack, you can easily keep your food hot. The grill comes with an integrated ignition for fast and simple startups along with cooking grids made of cast-iron and steel side shelves. This durable grill also comes with a black baked-enamel lid and handle.

With two temperature gauges, you are ensured just the right amount of heat. The charcoal system also comes with a height adjust system, so your food doesn’t get too close to the heat. Other features include a convenient tool holder and a bottle opener.


  • This grill is just as nice as the super expensive grills
  • It comes with two temperature gauges to check the heat
  • It’s a nice-sized grill for medium-size families and groups


  • The boxes of parts were not labeled and weren’t organized for installation
  • The charcoal side is too close to your meat, which burns the meat, even when you use the height adjust system

Best 6-Burner Gas Grill: The Verdict

The winner of the 6 Burner Gas Grill roundup is the Weber Summit E-670 Grill. So, when we talk about showing off those grilling skills, this is the grill I think of. Really, at this level of grilling, it’s all about the bells and whistle, and the Summit E-670 is covered in them.

Let’s start with the included rotisserie system, flush-mounted side burner, and stainless-steel smoker box. This is extra power and cooking area on top of the 60,000 BTUs you get from just the six main burners and 769 sq. inches of cooking area.

Weber also gives you the Flavorizer bars which are a genius way to use those fat drippings to make food taste better. Plus, they provide a safety function by stopping flare-ups by protecting the burner tubes. The grease management system is also positioned wisely away from the burner tubes to prevent fire, and they slide out easily for cleaning.

As far as ease of use, the Weber Summit E-670 gives you front-mounted controls and a Snap-Jet ignition system that lights each of the burners individually. And there is a great design feature in that the cook box and shroud together give you a great heat circulation process around your food whether you are using indirect or direct heat.

Other features include a built-in thermometer and heavy-duty canisters on the cabinet that either swivel or lock for easy maneuverability and security. You can also use the Weber Summit E-670 with either natural gas or an LP tank making it pretty versatile for those that like natural gas, plus it comes with a fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel you have at all times. The definite winner of the 6 Burner Gas Grill roundup is the Weber Summit E-670 Grill hands down.

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