Broil King Baron 440 Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Gas grills are the go-to choice for barbecue enthusiasts who don’t want to wait around for the fire to get hot. The question is, which one should you choose?

Broil King was founded in 1906. At the time, they were a tool and die manufacturing outfit. Though the company is Canadian in origin, they’re proud to offer products that are manufactured using American steel.

Over the years, Broil King has built up a solid reputation in the grilling market. Their models are sturdily built and reliable, with a classic yet distinctive appearance. With the Baron 440, they’ve presented a versatile work station with plenty of cooking space.

The Baron line delivers all the flavor of flame-broiled foods with minimal hassle. The design is stylish, with clean, bold lines. This 440 version is a mid-sized option. That means it’s geared toward families who enjoy grilling more than one ingredient at a time.

Broil King 922164 Baron 440 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
  • 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTUs heating...
  • 10,000 BTU powerful side burner. Cooking Surface- 17.48 inch Width,...
  • 644-sq in total cooking area, including 444 sq. in of primary cooking...
  • Reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids / Stainless steel...
  • Durable stainless steel side shelves fold-down / Level Q casters...


  • Rapid, even heat distribution
  • Capable of heating to over 600 degrees
  • Excellent customer service department
  • Easy to assemble


  • May be too small if you like to entertain often
  • Item is prone to shipping issues
  • On the pricey side

Check out this Broil King Baron 440 review to find out if this model will suit your needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gas Grill

As we mentioned, gas grills offer convenience and versatility in one neat package.

With a gas grill, you can start the fire with the press of a button. There’s no need to hover over a pile of coals, waiting for them to ash over. Because it’s easy to control the temperature, gas grills can be used to cook a wide variety of foods.

grilled pork chops

That said, gas grills are not for everybody. Some people just can’t do without the robust flavor that comes from a charcoal or pellet-fueled fire. Although gas grill manufacturers do their best to offset this issue, there’s no substitute for real wood products.

Additionally, gas grills tend to cost more than charcoal-fired units. If cost is an issue, you might want to consider investing in a charcoal grill instead.

Finally, remember that gas grills are usually equipped with grease trays, which need to be cleaned after each use. With charcoal grills, the fat simply burns away. While all grills require regular maintenance, the grease tray adds an extra step.

Before making a purchase, consider the following:

  • Does this grill fit into my budget?
  • How many burners does the grill have?
  • What is the BTU output for each burner?
  • How large is the cooking surface?
  • Are the grilling grates made of a sturdy, durable material?
  • How complicated is the grease management system?
  • Is the grill equipped with side shelves or hooks for holding utensils?

Broil King Baron 440: Features & Benefits

Broil King 922164 Baron 440 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Now that you know what you should look for in a gas grill, let’s take a look at this Broil King Baron 440 review to see how well it holds up to the criteria.


The Baron 440 is far from the most expensive gas grill on the market, but it’s not a budget offering either. Given the amount of cooking space it offers, it’s set at a fair price.

Be aware that the natural gas option is more expensive than the standard LP version. If cost is a major factor in your decision, it’s probably a good idea to go with the LP option.

Number of Burners

The main cooking chamber consists of four independently controlled burners. This means that you can create both direct and indirect heat zones. If you plan on using the grill for low and slow cooking applications such as braising, this is an excellent feature.

There’s also a side burner that can be used to keep sauces warm. When the side burner isn’t in use, the same space can be used as a storage shelf.

BTU Output

Each burner gives off 10,000 BTUs, including the optional side burner. That gives the main cooking chamber a combined output of 40,000 BTUs, which is fairly standard for a unit this size (see Cooking Surface, below).

One of the best aspects of the Baron 440 is its ability to heat quickly and evenly. Whether you’re grilling a batch of hamburgers or preparing to smoke a whole beef brisket, it should reach the optimal temperature in a matter of minutes.

The powerful side burner is another huge asset. While it’s ideal for keeping sauces warm, it can also get hot enough to boil water for rice or potatoes. This opens up a whole new book of cooking possibilities.

Cooking Surface

The main cooking surface covers 444 square inches. That’s enough space to hold about 20 regular hamburger patties. If you’re using the grill to cook a large piece of meat (a whole chicken, for example), there should be plenty of room left over for vegetables or other sides.

Combined, the side burner and warming rack offer an additional 200 square inches. However, remember that you probably won’t be using those areas to grill meat or vegetables. That means that the total advertised cooking space of 644 square inches is somewhat misleading.

If you enjoy grilling but don’t need a great deal of cooking space, then this could be the grill for you. Large families or people who frequently throw large parties would probably be better off with a bigger unit.

Design and Construction

This is a cabinet-style grill, meaning that the fuel source is hidden behind a set of closed doors. The streamlined design is visually appealing and convenient for most yards and patios. It also provides extra storage space for materials that need protection from the weather.

The main cooking chamber is composed of stainless steel, with cast aluminum used for the end caps. Both the side shelves and the control panel feature a stainless steel construction as well. A black powder-coat paint adorns the steel doors, while the lid is sealed with a porcelain coating.

The grilling grates on the Baron 440 are made of heavy duty cast iron, which is capable of holding its heat for long periods of time. They should be cleaned after each use to prevent rust buildup. The warming rack is finished with a porcelain coating, giving it a nonstick quality.

This grill is outfitted with Broil King’s “Flav-R-Wave” system, consisting of stainless steel tubes designed to boost the char-grilled quality of your ingredients. When the grease from grilled meats drips onto the tubes, the resulting smoke wafts up to coat the food in a satisfying cloak of smoke flavor.

Locking casters help to hold the grill in place when it’s in use. The wheels make it easier to move from one side of the patio to the other. However, given the unit’s low center of gravity, this should be a two-person job.

Heat Control

All five of the stainless steel burners are fired up with the aid of an electronic ignition system, making flames appear within moments. Once the fire is lit, the built-in lid thermometer allows users to keep a close eye on the temperature.

The built-in thermometer is generally reliable, but it might be a good idea to invest in a separate digital thermometer as well. The numbers on the Baron’s display can be difficult to read, especially from a distance. You can use a probe thermometer to check the temperature of your meat as well.

Grease Management System

The cast iron grids on the Baron 440 are designed to hold most of the juices in. This tongue-and-groove system helps to keep food moist and makes cleanup that much easier. However, there’s bound to be some overflow. Remember to clean the “Flav-R-Wave” tubes well after each use.

Other Features

Broil King advertises 180-degree “Sensi-Touch control” for the Baron line of grills. This is meant to give you an extra measure of control over the heat flow. If you’re the type of outdoor chef who likes to experiment, you might appreciate this feature.

The Baron 440 offers a second side shelf in addition to the extra burner. Both can be folded down to diminish the unit’s footprint. For cooks who enjoy keeping all their tools nearby, the added space could come in handy.

Finally, note that Broil King offers a limited lifetime warranty for the cookbox of this unit. The burners are equipped with a 10-year warranty, while all other parts and paint are covered for 2 years.

Broil King Baron 440: Social Proof

What do customers have to say about the Baron 440?

Most users agree that the grill takes awhile to achieve higher temperatures. However, it cooks meat evenly and thoroughly once it does. The reversible grilling grates are frequently cited as a great perk.

Other satisfied consumers claim that the grill is easy to put together and that the components are built to last. The side burner alone has a great reputation for reliability and sheer power.

Possible Alternatives

Unfortunately, the Broil King Baron 440 isn’t currently available through most online retailers. Does that mean you have to give up the search? Not at all. Here are a few similar gas grills that should provide you with satisfactory results.

#1 Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil Performance Series Convective 4-Burner with Side Burner Cart Propane Gas Stainless Steel Grill - 463377319

Like the Baron 440, this offering from Char-Broil is a stainless steel 4-burner unit with an additional side burner. It delivers the same amount of power, and the porcelain-coated cooking grates are finely crafted and easy to clean.

The most appealing aspect of the Char-Broil alternative is the price. This unit is markedly cheaper than the Baron 440, making it a good choice for bargain hunters.

How They Compare:

  • Affordability—Char-Broil
  • Number of Burners—Tie
  • BTU Output—Tie
  • Cooking Surface—Broil King
  • Design and Construction—Broil King
  • Heat Control—Broil King
  • Grease Management System—Char-Broil
  • Other Features—Tie

If you like the sound of the Baron 440 but have a limited budget, consider the Char-Broil Performance instead.

#2 Cuisinart CGG-7400

Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane, 54 Inch, Full Size Four-Burner Gas Grill

Cuisinart’s option is also set at a lower price point than the Baron 440. However, while it doesn’t include a side burner option, each of the four main burners delivers 11,000 BTUs of energy. The built-in bottle opener is another nice touch.

How They Compare:

  • Affordability—Cuisinart
  • Number of Burners—Broil King
  • BTU Output—Cuisinart
  • Cooking Surface—Broil King
  • Design and Construction—Broil King
  • Heat Control—Broil King
  • Grease Management System—Tie
  • Other Features—Cuisinart

Take a closer look at the Cuisinart CGG-7400 if you’re in the market for an affordable, functional and convenient outdoor cooking station.

#3 Weber Spirit S-315

Weber Spirit S-315 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber’s offering is slightly smaller than the Baron 440, with just 424 square inches of main cooking space over 3 burners. Still, it has plenty of storage and prep space, and the construction is top-notch.

How They Compare:

  • Affordability—Tie
  • Number of Burners—Broil King
  • BTU Output—Broil King
  • Cooking Surface—Broil King
  • Design and Construction—Weber
  • Heat Control—Tie
  • Grease Management System—Weber
  • Other Features—Weber

For a well-designed and sturdy grill that’s easy to clean, consider the Weber Spirit S-315.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this Broil King Baron 440 review, what’s the final verdict?

There can be no question that this is a fabulous gas grill with plenty of appealing features. The burners are capable of reaching inferno-like temps, it fires up quickly, and it’s set at a reasonable price. If you’re hoping to prepare quick and tasty outdoor meals, this unit would be a great fit.

Check out the Broil King Baron 440 and take the next step on your grilling journey.

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