Nexgrill vs Dyna Glo: Which One Will Burn Brighter in 2024?

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When you’re shopping for a gas grill, you want a product that will deliver a solid performance. This is especially true if you’re looking for a mid-priced option rather than a bargain-basement model. In this roundup, we’ll pit Nexgrill vs Dyna Glo to find out which one is worth a second look.


Nexgrill is based in California, where grilling is in fashion year-round. The company strives to turn the pastime into a lifestyle for like-minded outdoor chefs everywhere.

The Revelry 4-Burner model stands as a representation of everything Nexgrill does best. With its sturdy construction, sleek cabinet-style design, and meticulous attention to detail, it’s a grill that’s primed to appeal to serious BBQ fans.


  • Dimensions: 52.75″ W x 22.29″ D x 46.45″ H
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Side Burner: Yes
  • Main Cooking Surface: 452.91 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Surface: 160.62 sq in
  • Total Cooking Surface: 613.53 sq in
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited (10 years for burners)


  • User-friendly
  • Built-in smoker box
  • Fast assembly
  • Can be converted to natural gas


  • Instruction manual is lacking in some key areas
  • Inadequate access to grease management system

Dyna Glo

While Dyna Glo is known for its line of grilling and smoking essentials, the company also manufactures home heating products. As a result, you can expect their grills to provide fast and reliable flames whenever you need them.

The Dyna Glo Premier 4 Burner Gas Grill is a close competitor to Nexgrill’s Revelry model. It features four main burners and a side burner option, along with a cabinet-style design. However, Dyna Glo typically offers this unit at a lower price, which could make it more appealing to bargain hunters.


  • Dimensions: 59.25″ W x 23.23″ D x 45.28 H
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Side Burner: Yes
  • Main Cooking Surface: 483 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Surface: 190 sq in
  • Total Cooking Surface: 673 sq in
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited (5 years for burners)


  • Decent price point
  • Generous amount of cooking space
  • Grilling grates are attractive and easy to clean
  • Efficient burner system


  • Some shipping issues reported
  • Spotty customer service department

Nexgrill vs Dyna Glo: Features Face To Face

woman grilling marinated meat and vegetables on a gas grill

In this section, we’ll go over some of the most common gas grill features to see how these two units hold up. Because we’ve chosen two 4-burner models for the competition, the side-by-side comparison should help to determine which one is better.


On the subject of pricing, these two units could both be considered mid-range options. There are certainly cheaper products available, but these aren’t the priciest gas grills on the market by a long shot. Both offerings are designed to appeal to grilling fans who want a unit that will last for several years at least.

Within this framework, the Dyna Glo is set at a more reasonable price. Though the Revelry has certain benefits that help it earn those dollars back, the Premier is the clear winner in terms of affordability.

Winner: Dyna Glo


Both of these grills have a cabinet-style design, with two stainless steel doors taking up residence beneath the cooking chamber. The doors are equipped with broad bar-style handles to give you easy access to the storage space. This is a popular choice for grillers who prefer to keep the propane tank out of view.

Another design detail that the two grills have in common: They’re supported by four caster wheels. The wheels on the Nexgrill unit are sturdier, but it can be awkward trying to access the locking brake. By contrast, the Dyna Glo grill offers better stability.

On the subject of shelving, both grills are equipped with one on each side. The right-hand shelves are actually lidded burners that can be used to heat side dishes or sauces. The shelving on the Dyna Glo Premier is adequate, but the Revelry’s shelves are more sturdily built–and one of them includes a built-in bottle opener.

Winner: Nexgrill


In this roundup, we’re pitting two stainless steel models against one another. The main components are all fashioned of high-quality steel, including the burner systems. For more information on the burners, see the separate section below.

The lid on the Nexgrill Revelry features cast-iron end caps for added support. The combined materials also provide a boost when it comes to heat retention (though the unit has other issues in that regard, as you’ll come to learn). While the Dyna Glo Premier has a similar appearance, the difference is merely cosmetic and not particularly useful.

Overall, we think Nexgrill earns higher marks here. It’s a durable grill built of quality materials, right down to the stainless steel side shelving. By contrast, the Dyna Glo is sturdy enough, but the side shelving and some other secondary components are flimsier.

Winner: Nexgrill

Grilling Grates

For the cooking grids, Nexgrill has opted for stainless steel, which imparts impressive-looking grill marks. It’s also reasonably easy to clean, but it’s important to do so as soon as the grids are cool enough to handle.

Dyna-Glo’s model is outfitted with cast iron grids, complete with a matte porcelain coating. We prefer this construction to stainless steel because the ingredients won’t stick to it as easily, making cleanup a snap.

Winner: Dyna Glo


On the subject of cooking surfaces, the Nexgrill Revelry offers a combined 613.53 inches of grilling space. 452.91 inches of that space are confined to the main firebox, while the additional 160.62 can be found on the second burner. With a grill this size, you can expect to serve 4 to 6 people with ease.

The Dyna Glo Premier has a more generous cooking surface, with 483 square inches available on the main grid and another 190 on the side burner. This gives the Premier model a combined total of 673 square inches. The added space is only enough to accommodate an extra hamburger patty or two, but it might come in handy if you like to host parties regularly.

Winner: Dyna Glo


The Nexgrill Revelry comes with four individually controlled main burners, all composed of stainless steel. They’re protected by angled steel “flame tamers,” which are designed to provide top-notch heat distribution to the cooking surface. The total BTU output equals 60,000, including the 12,000-BTU side burner.

gas barbecue grill burners flavorizer bars porcelainized cast iron grids and control knobs

The four burners on the Dyna Glo Premier are constructed of stainless steel as well. The company advertises “EquiHeat” technology, a customized heat distribution system, for this unit. Like the Revelry, it’s outfitted with a 12,000-BTU side burner for a total BTU output of 60,000.

As you can see, the two grills have plenty in common when it comes to their burner systems. So which one comes out on top?

It’s a close call, but we think Nexgrill put more effort into the execution here. The flame tamers are an effective and welcome touch, and the grill heats quickly and efficiently. Given Nexgrill’s generous warranty on the burners (see Warranty, below), they’re obviously willing to stand behind their design.

Winner: Nexgrill

Heat Retention

While the Revelry earns high marks for rapid heating and even distribution, it does have one design flaw: There’s a sizable gap behind the firebox. This allows heat and smoke to escape when the lid is closed. It’s possible to patch it up with foil if you’re looking for maximum smoke flavor, but it’s still a worrisome detail.

We haven’t noticed any similar happenings with the Dyna Glo Premier. The grill seems to do an admirable job at keeping the heat where it’s supposed to be. If you’re hoping to use the grill for low-and-slow cooking applications, you would probably prefer the Dyna Glo unit.

That said, the Revelry comes equipped with a smoker box (see Standout Features, below), which is something the Premier lacks. For certain recipes like smoked pulled pork, that wood flavor is essential, so you might be willing to put up with the slight temperature swings.

One final note: Each of these grills is outfitted with a built-in temperature gauge on the stainless steel lid. Although both seem to deliver accurate readouts, we think the one on the Nexgrill is easier to read.

Winner: Dyna Glo

Cleanup and Maintenance

If you’re like me, the cleanup routine is your least favorite part of the grilling experience. That’s why it’s vital to choose a grill that allows you to enjoy the primary thrill of cooking outdoors, without dreading the hassle that follows.

In this regard, the Revelry isn’t the best option. The stainless steel cooking grates require immediate attention if they’re going to retain their best qualities. This often means ditching your hosting duties in the middle of a cookout.

Additionally, the grease management system represents another design flaw. The drip tray and catch cup can only be accessed from the rear of the unit, making it awkward to retrieve them if the grill is positioned against a wall. Although the components are easy enough to deal with once you’ve removed them, the configuration is not well-thought out.

How does the Dyna Glo Premier compare? As we mentioned, we prefer the porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grids to the Revelry’s steel ones. Cast iron might be a pain to deal with in its original form, but the porcelain finish allows these grates to clean up easily, with no additional seasoning required.

On the subject of grease management, Dyna Glo’s grill features a tray beneath the firebox that can be detached and cleaned quickly after each use. The whole process goes much more smoothly, which is why we’re awarding top marks to the Premier unit here.

Winner: Dyna Glo


Nexgrill and Dyna Glo offer limited one-year warranties for their 4-burner gas grills. Most of the major components, including the lid, firebox, and cooking grates, are included in this coverage.

However, the warranty packages differ in one important respect. While Dyna Glo is willing to cover the stainless steel burners for five years following the date of purchase, Nexgrill doubles that guarantee with a 10-year warranty on its burner system. This is an excellent perk that helps to offset Nexgrill’s higher price tag.

Remember that these warranties are only in effect if the parts are defective or if any of the components fail within the prescribed period. The damage that results from normal use won’t qualify you for free replacements. It’s also important to clean the grill regularly and provide it with proper storage, no matter which brand you choose.

Winner: Nexgrill

Nexgrill vs Dyna Glo: Standout Features

Now that we’ve hashed out all the similar features, are there any components that help these competitors stand out from the crowd? Let’s find out if Nexgrill offers anything that the Dyna Glo model can’t match, or vice versa.


  • Smoker Box-Add wood chips to the smoker box attachment for authentic beef brisket and slow-cooked pork
  • Natural Gas Conversion Option-Unlike the Dyna Glo, which makes you choose between LP and natural gas, this unit can be converted to run off either one
  • LED Lights-The grill cabinet features LED lighting that makes it easier to check the fuel level and change the tank when needed
  • Cast iron end caps-These give the lid additional support and contribute to the lifespan of the grill
  • Angled Flame Tamers-This extra component helps to keep heat flowing to the designated spots
  • Built-in Bottle Opener-A must if you like to keep a few cold ones handy as you cook

Dyna Glo

  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grates-These grids feature a matte finish that’s both attractive and easy to clean
  • EquiHeat technology-A system designed to improve heat distribution

The Bottom Line

Try a Nexgrill product if:

  • You want a grill with a durable construction and sleek design
  • You have a few extra dollars to spend
  • A strong smoke flavor is one of your favorite aspects of grilled foods
  • You use your grill primarily during the evening hours when it’s dark
  • You’re on the lookout for a generous warranty package

For a versatile 4-burner unit with style, go with the Nexgrill Revelry.

Check out the Dyna Glo if:

  • You want the most affordable mid-priced option you can find
  • You prefer cast iron cooking grates to stainless steel ones
  • You need the extra cooking space
  • Easy cleanup ranks high on your hit parade

If you’re looking for a good deal on a low-maintenance grill, check out the Dyna Glo Premier.

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