Traeger Century 22 Reviews: Should You Buy It in 2024?

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traeger century 22 reviews

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out if we still recommend the Traeger Century 22, then the short answer is YES. For more details, jump directly to our verdict section by clicking here.

If you’re a grilling enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the world of pellet grills. If you’ve yet to experience all that these versatile units have to offer, however, perhaps it’s time for you to finally take the plunge. I was apprehensive about myself at first, but my experience with the Traeger brand helped to make me a believer. I composed these Traeger Century 22 reviews in an effort to share my findings with like-minded individuals who might need a little bit of coaxing.

What You Need To Know About Shopping For a Pellet Grill

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced pellet griller hoping to trade up for a better model, you should ask yourself the following questions before exploring your options.

Temperature Control

What are the minimum and maximum temperatures? Is the digital readout accurate within at least 20 degrees? Is the performance affected by outside temperatures or wind conditions?


Is the unit constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel? What material are the cooking grates made of? Is there additional shelving included for storage?

Grilling Space

How many square inches of cooking space does the grill offer? Will it be sufficient to suit your needs if you routinely grill large quantities of food at once?

Pellet Capacity

How many pounds of pellets does the hopper hold?

Auger Efficiency

How dependable is the auger component when it comes to feeding pellets into the cooking chamber?


Does the pellet grill fit within your designated budget? How does its quality and durability compare to similar models on the market?


Is the unit easy to clean? Are there any special features that help keep maintenance issues to a minimum?

Special Features

Does the model include any additional components that help make it worth the cost? Is it Wi-Fi compatible?

Warranties and Customer Service

Does the company stand behind its products by offering a warranty? Does the customer service department have a reputation for promptness, efficiency, and courtesy?

Traeger Century 22 Reviews: Product Specifications

When you invest in a Traeger Century 22, you receive the following: a cooking chamber with antique barrel design, a hopper with 24-pound capacity, a Digital Elite Controller with LED display, dual meat thermometer probes for temperature accuracy, and an extra grilling rack.


  • Durable construction
  • Superb customer service
  • Good insulation for year-round use
  • Generous hopper capacity


  • Minimal flavor, even with use of customized pellets
  • Not ideal for smoking meats
  • Temperature control can be finicky in low-heat cooking applications

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Traeger Century 22: Features and Benefits

Now that you know which questions you should ask yourself before you start shopping, let’s see how the Traeger Century 22 measures up against the criteria. Remember that some of this information is subjective. Only you can determine whether this is the right model for you. That’s why it’s important to understand each feature and benefit before making a decision.

Temperature Control

The Century 22 boasts Advanced Grilling Logic (AGL), a temperature control system trademarked by Traeger in 2016. This helps the unit to remain accurate within 20 degrees of your designated temperature. It also advertises “6-in-1” versatility, meaning that it’s suitable for smoking, grilling, braising, baking, roasting, and barbecuing.

The maximum temperature on this unit is just 450 degrees, which isn’t hot enough for baking flatbread or pizza. It’s capable of grilling a decent burger, but the sear factor could be a tad higher. The first time I attempted to smoke a brisket, I thought the consistency was good, but the flavor was somewhat lackluster.


The antique barrel design of the Century 22 is constructed of painted heavy-gauge stainless steel, with porcelain-coated steel cooking grates. A storage shelf and patented warming rack (see Special Features, below, for more details on this feature) round out the construction. Like most Traeger products, it’s sturdy enough to withstand several years of frequent use.

Grilling Space

This unit offers up 572 square inches of cooking space, which is sufficient to serve a family of eight or more if you know what you’re doing. Traeger claims that the surface can hold up to 24 burgers at one time, but if you prefer a bit more space between patties, you might want to limit that number to 20. If you enjoy roasting chickens on your outside grill, this model can accommodate four average-sized roasters at once.

Pellet Capacity

The hopper on the Century 22 boasts a whopping 24-pound capacity, higher than most comparable models—and many larger ones as well. Even if you use your pellet grill on a regular basis, you probably won’t need to change the pellets until the seventh or eighth use.

Bear in mind that pellet grills typically burn through about a half-pound of pellets per hour at lower temperatures, while high-heat cooking applications can consume nearly three pounds in the same amount of time. For this reason, you should keep a closer eye on the pellet hopper when using the Century 22 for grilling or baking purposes.

Auger Efficiency

When wood pellets become damp, they’re prone to expansion, which can cause the auger component to jam. While the Century 22 auger works well in optimum conditions, it can be temperamental in especially humid weather. If you experience a jam-up, you’ll need to take the motor apart to clear the offending pellets from the mechanism before firing up the grill again.


This unit is set at a fair price for its generous size, especially considering the fact that it comes from a high-end company like Traeger. You would have a hard time finding a comparable model that offers the durable quality and enticing features of the Century 22.


Aside from the potential auger maintenance (which should only be a problem if the grill is exposed to damp conditions on a regular basis), the Century 22 is relatively easy to maintain. The porcelain-coated grill racks and drip tray can be cleaned with just a little soap and water, and the hopper includes a self-cleaning feature that helps cut down on ash maintenance. It should be noted that assembly is fairly easy, too, and the digital interface makes the unit exceptionally user-friendly.

Special Features

A patented warming drawer allows you to keep buns and side dishes nice and toasty while the rest of your meal gets the royal treatment up above. The additional lower shelf comes in handy for storing tools and other equipment. The grill isn’t Wi-Fi compatible in its current state, but as this technology advances, a conversion kit might become available in the near future.

Warranties and Customer Service

Traeger offers a generous three-year warranty on defective parts, and its customer service department is quick to correct any issues that are brought to their attention. Be aware that the warranty only extends to parts that were damaged upon arrival, not components that have become less effective due to normal wear and tear.

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Putting It To The Test: On the Road With the Traeger Century 22

Does the Traeger Century 22 get good marks from consumers? The evidence that I was able to find would indicate a solid yes, although some users shared my concerns regarding the lackluster flavor and less-than-stellar smoking capabilities. On the whole, people raved about the easy assembly, the convenience of the warming rack, and the overall hands-off quality of the cooking process. One consumer reported that while the smoky flavor in her first attempt didn’t come through as well as she’d hoped, the results were nonetheless moist and tender.

Close Competitors

So, you’ve read all of the product specifications and decided that you’re not quite ready to invest in the Traeger Century 22. Maybe you’re looking for more cooking space, or you don’t feel you can afford the price, or you’d prefer a grill with more advanced technology. That’s where this section comes in. Here’s the lowdown on a few similar models.

#1 Z Grills ZPG-7002B

Z Grills offers a number of quality products at an affordable price. This one features 700 square inches of cooking space, a temperature range of 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ability to char-broil and sear meats to the satisfaction of every carnivore.

Traeger vs. Z Grills

  • Temperature Control—Z Grills
  • Construction—Traeger
  • Grilling Space—Z Grills
  • Pellet Capacity—Traeger
  • Auger Efficiency—Z Grills
  • Value—Z Grills
  • Maintenance—Traeger
  • Special Features—Traeger
  • Warranties and Customer Service—Traeger

If you think you’ll need more cooking space but can’t afford a higher price tag, give the Z Grills ZPG-7002B a try.

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#2 Rec Tec RT-340

As the name suggests, this grill offers slightly less cooking space, with just 340 square inches. However, it does feature Wi-Fi capability, as well as a generously-sized hopper and a sophisticated ceramic ignition system. A grill cover and 80 pounds of customized pellets are also included in the purchase price, which is slightly higher than Traeger’s.

Traeger vs. Rec Tec

  • Temperature Control—Rec Tec
  • Construction—Traeger
  • Grilling Space—Traeger
  • Pellet Capacity—Traeger
  • Auger Efficiency—Rec Tec
  • Value—Rec Tec
  • Maintenance—Traeger
  • Special Features—Rec Tec
  • Warranties and Customer Service—Rec Tec

Since Rec Tec offers a six-year warranty with every purchase, you should check out this offering if you’re a first-timer who wants a few extras included in your initial buy.

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Also, you can read our comparison between the RT-300 and the RT-340.

#3 Pit Boss 700FB

This bargain offering from Pit Boss features 700 square inches of cooking space, a digitally controlled burn system, and an appealingly low price tag. The cooking grates are constructed of porcelain-coated cast iron, giving them a slight edge over Traeger’s stainless steel ones.

Traeger vs. Pit Boss

  • Temperature Control—Pit Boss
  • Construction—Traeger
  • Grilling Space—Pit Boss
  • Pellet Capacity—Traeger
  • Auger Efficiency—Pit Boss
  • Value—Pit Boss
  • Maintenance—Tie
  • Special Features—Traeger
  • Warranties and Customer Service—Traeger

If you’re looking for decent value without sacrificing cooking space or durable construction, the Pit Boss 700FB could be the pellet grill for you.

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The Bottom Line

Given all of the information I gathered, I would say that the Traeger Century 22 is worth the investment. Like all Traeger models, it’s built to withstand many years of use, and requires very little maintenance. The antique barrel design makes it a conversation piece as much as a cooking device, which is a definite plus for grill masters who enjoy striking up lively conversations during their gatherings. Click here to make the Century 22 the newest addition to your household.

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