Stok vs Weber: Which One Will Burn Brightest in 2024?

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During certain times of the year, grill manufacturers are putting their products on full display, hoping you’ll choose one of theirs over the competition. With so much information out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this Stok vs Weber match-up.


As a company, Stok prides itself on offering a line of quality accessories for its grills. Many of their units are outfitted with an insert system that allows users to replace part of the cooking grid with a baking stone, veggie tray, or griddle. Their lineup of portable grills is particularly impressive, with gas, charcoal, and electric options available.

For this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Stok Drum, the company’s flagship charcoal-burning unit. With its distinctive orange-red lid and slightly boxy shape, this is a grill that’s designed to stand out at any barbecue.


  • Dimensions: 24″ L x 25″ W x 40.5″ H
  • Diameter: 22.5 inches
  • Grilling Surface: 363 square inches
  • Cooking Grates: Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Limited)


  • Plenty of eye appeal
  • Innovative insert system adds versatility
  • Durable porcelain-coated grates
  • Heats up quickly and effectively


  • Can be difficult to find
  • Ash catcher is on the small side


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Anyone who’s ever purchased a grill is probably familiar with the Weber name. The company has been around since the 1950s, when the founder was inspired to create the world’s first kettle grill. Today, Weber’s products are as popular as ever.

Weber’s Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is a close competitor to the Stok Drum. You might even argue that the former inspired the latter, although there are definitely distinctions between the two. We’ll go over those in more detail in the Standout Features section below.


  • Dimensions: 39.5″ L x 22.5″ W x 27″ H
  • Diameter: 22 inches
  • Grilling Surface: 363 square inches
  • Cooking Grates: Plated Steel
  • Warranty: 10 Years (Bowl and Lid)


  • Weber brand carries name recognition
  • Durable construction
  • Generous warranty package
  • User-friendly


  • Straightforward charcoal grill with few accessories
  • Unless the product arrives in pristine condition, assembly can be difficult

Stok vs Weber: Features Face to Face

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Here’s our list of the basic features that Stok and Weber share, and how they stack up against one another.


Because Weber was a pioneer in this industry, their charcoal grills have an iconic appearance. The basic round bowl and lid are instantly recognizable, even to novices.

The Weber Original Kettle Premium is a prime example, with a classic silhouette and tripod design. Two of the three legs end in large wheels for mobility, and a triangular wire rack serves as a connector. The ash catcher (see Maintenance, below) is large and silver in color, giving the grill aesthetic appeal as well as convenience.

Weber offers the 22″ Original Premium in black, crimson, copper, and green. Other sizes may be available in different colors; check the company website for more information.

The Stok Drum also comes equipped with a tripod, with giant wheels affixed to two of the legs. The wire rack beneath is flimsier than the one on the Weber, which could be used as a shelf in a pinch. However, the bright orange lid is sure to attract attention, especially if you take the grill on the road.

Although this is technically a kettle-style charcoal grill, the firebox has a funnel shape, which gives it an interesting geometric appearance. If it’s sheer eye appeal you’re after, the Stok Drum wins the top prize.

Winner: Stok


The Stok Drum features a bowl and lid made of porcelain-enameled steel. An efficient temperature gauge is built into the lid, and the tubular tripod frame is sturdy and reliable.

The cast iron grilling grates are coated with porcelain to prevent sticking. As we mentioned, these grates are compatible with a number of inserts, all of which are sold separately.

Over the decades, Weber has built up a solid reputation for durability, and the Original Kettle Premium doesn’t disappoint. With its porcelain-enameled steel construction, aluminum ash catcher, and hinged plated steel grates, it’s built to last beyond the 10 years specified in the product warranty.

Winner: Weber


Although Stok boasts a 22.5-inch diameter for its firebox versus Weber’s 22 inches, the two grills offer the same amount of cooking space. Each one covers 363 square inches over the main grilling area. If you take advantage of Stok’s insert system, you’ll be able to prepare various ingredients at once, but it doesn’t increase the amount of available space.

With 363 square inches of grilling space, you can expect to serve parties of 3 to 4 people with ease. Larger families might want to take a look at one of Weber’s bigger models, especially if they like to entertain often.

Winner: Tie

Cooking Grates

The grilling grates on the Weber model are made of plated steel, which offers superb heat retention. It’s also reasonably easy to clean, particularly if you use a stiff wire brush to remove excess residue before washing.

What sets Weber’s cooking grates apart is the ingenious hinged design. This feature allows you to add more coals to the fire when it burns low, which means you can use the grill for ingredients such as slow-cooked pulled pork and beef brisket.

Because Stok’s cast iron cooking grates are coated with porcelain, they’re even easier to clean than Weber’s steel ones. While they don’t have the same hinged design, the center part of the grate can be removed to make room for the inserts. This has a similar effect and makes the grill more versatile to boot.

Winner: Stok

Temperature Control

The Stok Drum is equipped with an integrated air-flow optimizer that gives you good control over the grill’s internal temperature. Even if you’ve never used a charcoal grill before, the feature makes the process easier to understand. A heat shield is placed beneath the lid handle to protect your hands as you cook.

Weber’s grill offers a similar feature with its low-and-slow vent setting. With a bit of practice, you can set the grill to temperatures low enough to make your own smoked meat products. It’s a bit trickier than Stok’s system, but effective nonetheless. Like the Stok Drum, the Original Kettle Premium comes with a heat shield for the handle.

Both of the grills are equipped with built-in lid thermometers, so you can keep an eye on your progress. In our opinion, the one on the Stok Drum is very difficult to read, while Weber’s has a clearer display. While this doesn’t directly affect the heat retention, it’s enough to give Weber the edge here.

Winner: Weber


If it’s simple maintenance you’re after, we would highly recommend the Weber Original Kettle Premium.

Weber’s aluminum ash catcher is generously sized, so it won’t need to be cleaned out as frequently. It also slides out easily enough to keep you from covering yourself in ash when it’s time to empty it.

There’s nothing wrong with the ash management feature on the Stok Drum, but it’s much smaller than Weber’s. Given the fact that both grills are the same size, the difference is noticeable. Despite the fact that Stok’s cooking grates clean up faster than Weber’s steel ones, this is one category which Weber wins hands-down.

Winner: Weber


Weber offers a 10-year warranty on the steel bowl and lid, with a 5-year guarantee for the ash catcher and all plastic components. Any remaining parts are covered for two years following the date of purchase.

By contrast, Stok’s guarantee is less generous. The grill is covered by a 2-year limited warranty, meaning that the company will provide replacements for parts that are found to be defective.

Winner: Weber

Stok vs Weber: Standout Features

Next, let’s take a look at the features that set the Stok apart from the Weber, and vice versa.


  • Insert system-Allows you to remove the center part of the grill and replace it with a smoker/infuser, pizza stone, veggie tray, cast iron grill grate, shish kabob and rib rack, cast iron kettle, grilling basket, griddle, or chicken roaster
  • Integrated air-flow optimizer-For customized temperature control
  • Eye-catching design-Bold color and intriguing shape are sure to spark many conversations with fellow grillers


  • Hinged cooking grate-For adding more coals as you cook
  • Angled lid hook-So you can hang the lid instead of placing it on the ground
  • One-Touch cleaning system-High-capacity ash catcher cleans out easily
  • Low-and-Slow vent setting-Provides optimum control at lower temperatures

The Bottom Line

Use a Stok grill if:

  • You want the most attractive grill on the block
  • You prefer porcelain enameled cast iron grates to steel ones
  • Storage isn’t an issue

If you’re nodding your head along with this list, it could be time to purchase a Stok grill.

Use a Weber Grill if:

  • You plan to use the grill as a smoker
  • You’re having a hard time locating the Stok Drum where you live
  • You want a grill with a generous warranty
  • A fast and simple cleanup routine is of paramount importance

Check out a Weber grill if you’d prefer to go with a classic design over a modern one.

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