Weber Grills Reviews: Spirit, Genesis or Q Series? [2024]

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weber grills reviews

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what are our favorite weber gas grills, then depends on how many burners you want your grill to have, we recommend the following models:

Having been an outdoor cooking enthusiast for around 40 years, I have tried every grill type on the market. While they all have their pros and cons, for me, the most effective is the gas grill. Durable, reliable, efficient and cheap to fuel, gas grills are certainly a fantastic option for regular barbecuing.

If we are talking about gas grills, I would be remiss not to go into those manufactured by Weber. With that in mind, I will go into the features and characteristics that make these grills great. In addition to these Weber grills reviews, I will provide useful tidbits of knowledge about gas grills in general.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gas Grill

Without a doubt, having so many options at hand can make the process of choosing a new gas grill difficult and confusing. Don’t worry, though! Let’s ease into it by learning about things all gas grills have in common that you should definitely look into before making a purchase:

Main Cooking Area

More than its overall size, a gas grill’s cooking space is terribly important. Logically, the larger it is, the more food you will be able to cook at the same time. Take into account that, normally, the larger a grill’s main cooking area, the more burners it will use in order to produce enough heat to satisfactorily cook everything you can put on it.


Speaking of burners, it’s always important to make sure a grill has enough of them. Of course, the more burners any cooking appliance has, the more heat it will be capable of generating. Additionally, having various burners can help regulate and adjust the heat in different areas of the grill’s cooking surface. As you can imagine, this allows you to cook different cuts of meat (or even food types) at the same time.


Standing for British Thermal Units, BTU is a number that indicates how much heat is produced by a particular heating appliance. Normally, the maximum heat of all burners is added up into a single number, signaling the total output of the appliance. Of course, having more heat at your disposal means you will be able to cook certain food items more effectively. However, being able to effectively graduate and adjust that heat is also important.

Additional Features

Apart from its main features, most gas grills out there offer additional features that can help you cook better and more effectively. Among them, you may find things like warming racks, side burners, cooking tools, storage space and more.

About Weber Gas Grills

Weber Grills is a subdivision of the notable Weber-Stephen Products LLC, a kitchen appliance manufacturer that has been around since 1893, although it was originally known as Weber Bros Metal Works. In all that time, the company has grown greatly, becoming one of the most successful and notorious grill manufacturers in the world.

Expertly constructed with high-quality materials, all the appliances produced by Weber are meant to be durable, reliable and, more than anything, efficient for cooking outdoors. Using advanced design and various additional features, these grills are a pretty safe bet when it comes to functionality and overall quality.

Weber grills are available in a variety of models. Unfortunately, I will not be able to cover them one by one in this short guide. Instead, I will go over the manufacturer’s three main grill series: the Weber Spirit, the Weber Genesis, and the Weber Q series. Without a doubt, this information will be helpful the next time you are looking to buy a new Weber grill.

Weber Spirit Series

#1 Weber Spirit II E-210 (2-Burner)

#2 Weber Spirit II E-310 (3-Burner)

If you want to jump into the world of outdoor grilling, getting a good starter grill model can be a good idea. While they are not as large, powerful or advanced as those featured in other Weber series, the models included in the Weber Spirit series are certainly worth looking into. Including popular models like the Weber Spirit II E-210 and the Weber Spirit II E-310, this series offers between 26000 and 3000 BTU as well as a stainless steel construction and cast-iron grates. What’s more, it provides a very decent cooking area that ranges between 450 and 529 square inches.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Great for beginners.
  • It provides a lot of grilling space.
  • Features reversible, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates.
  • Features GS4 grilling system technology.


  • Wheels may get stuck.
  • Knobs are too sensitive.

Weber Genesis Series

#1 Weber Genesis II E-210 (2-Burner)

#2 Weber Genesis II E-310 (3-Burner)

#3 Weber Genesis II S-435 (4-Burner)

Featuring models such as the Weber Genesis E-210, E-310, E-315, S-335, and the S-435, this series offers versatility and added functionality in addition to the usual high quality. Something you will notice when comparing this series with the Spirit series is that its grill models are larger and more powerful. Additionally, most of the models include advanced features such as an upgraded burner system for added evenness, triangular flavorizer bars an improved grease management system.


  • Produces even heat all across the cooking area.
  • Includes flavorizer bars.
  • Features high heat for quick preheating.
  • Open cart design provides additional space.
  • Features GS4 grilling system technology.


  • Cabinet doors are flimsy.
  • Difficult to assemble.

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Weber Q Series

#1 Weber Q1000

#2 Weber Q1200

#3 Weber Q2200

#4 Weber Q3200

If you, like me, love to go camping and tailgating, the Weber Q series may be more adequate for you than the previously mentioned ones. The series has four different models that vary mainly in size, the number of burners and BTU output. Among them, the most popular are the Weber Q1000 (the smallest and most portable) and the Weber Q3200 (the largest and most powerful), and of course, our favorite portable gas grill, the Q2200. All the models in this series are made of cast-aluminum. When compared to the other two series mentioned in this article, this difference reduces the weight of these grills, making them more portable but also limiting their durability.


  • Very portable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Resistant burner tubes.
  • Practical and user-friendly.


  • Less durable than other Weber grills.
  • Difficult to clean.

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Features and Benefits of Weber Gas Grills

If you ask someone in the know about Weber gas grills, they will likely tell you about their toughness, durability, and reliability. While those characteristics are worth talking about (and I will), there are other important features and benefits that Weber products have to offer. Up next, I will go in-depth into everything you need to know about Weber gas grills. Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether this is the right brand for you.

Materials and Construction

As I already mentioned, Weber grills stand out due to their expert construction and material quality. While this is generally true for all the brand’s series, there are some differences between each of them and their specific models. For example, it should be pointed out that, while the grills that compose the Spirit and Genesis series feature stainless steel shrouds, those in the Q series feature cast-iron covers. There is an important reason for this as the Q series grills are meant to be easily portable, meaning they need to be more lightweight.

Of course, the downside of not using stainless steel is that the Q series models are less resistant than the Spirit and Genesis series models. Considering they are portable models, though, I would say that they are still amazingly resistant to extreme heat, impact, water, rust and more. At any rate, all models in all Weber series feature stainless steel burners and porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. Combined with expert construction, the use of these materials ensures durability and reliability. It’s not for no reason that Weber is recognized all over the world for its incredible durability. What is more, the use of these materials provides the perfect conditions for cooking food efficiently and reliably.

Dimensions and Spaciousness

Without a doubt, Weber is a brand that places a great deal of importance on variety and versatility. Apart from providing many features and options with each model, the manufacturer is always releasing different variations of grills in order to fulfill the needs of as many customers as possible. This results in three main series with different sizes and cooking space. What’s more, there are differently-sized models within each series, expanding the range of choices you can make.

Compact and lightweight, the grills included in Weber’s Q series are the most portable and practical. Meanwhile, the medium-sized grills included in the brand’s Spirit series offer enough power and space for a family cookout. If you are looking to take your grilling game to the next level, however, Weber’s Genesis series features large, spacious and powerful grills that can help you feed large numbers of people without sacrificing quality or flavor.


Regarding their design, all Weber grills are smart and practical above everything else. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re not also pleasurable to look at. Streamlined, dynamic and functional, these grills surely stand out. It’s not only their external design that is worth talking, though. Internally, all Weber grills are designed in a way that helps heat be distributed in an even way that helps cook more efficiently.

As you probably noticed by seeing the pictures, Weber’s series Spirit and Genesis have a lot in common when it comes to design. Ample, ergonomic and user-friendly, the grills included in both series definitely have a distinct style in common. On the other hand, the grills that compose Weber’s Q series are certainly something special. Compact, curved and using wheeled stands to remain in place, these grills have a unique style that favors portability and practicality instead of capacity.

Main Features

As you can probably imagine, every Weber grill model has its own characteristics and features. Sadly, that makes it difficult to go over everything they have to offer in a single, short guide. However, all Weber Grills products have certain important features in common. For one, they all use the GS4 advanced-performance grilling system. What’s more, they all use an electronic crossover system for ignition. At this point, I should also mention that they all have stainless steel burners and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, resulting in extreme durability.

Additional Features

Finally, we should go over the additional features that the different Weber Grills products have to offer. Of course, some of these features are exclusive to a specific model while others may be shared by two or more different models. However, I’m confident I can give you an idea of what to look forward to when considering buying a Weber grill.

Two features that most units in the Spirit and Genesis series have in common are stainless steel side tables and heat deflectors. Additionally, both series provide a built-in thermometer, compatibility with the iGrill 3 app and more. Being larger and more expensive, the Genesis series offers certain features that the Spirit series does not, though. The two large side burners for cooking corn or sauces are a great example. Additionally, the grills in this series have a High+ setting for quick preheating, additional cabinets for storage, indirect heat cooking capabilities and more.

Weber Grills Reviews: Social Proof

In order to provide a balanced and objective review of the products offered by Weber Grills, I decided to scour the internet looking for Weber Grills reviews created by actual customers. What I found only confirmed what I already suspected: Weber grills are incredibly popular due to their high level of quality and superior performance.

Weber Spirit Series

People who positively reviewed products in Weber’s Spirit series often mentioned how quickly they heat up, how evenly they cook and how durable they are. Additionally, many liked the amount of cooking space these grills provide, often saying that it’s perfect for a family barbecue. More than one reviewer proclaimed to be very impressed with the Infinite ignition system that all these grills have. Additionally, many raved about their indirect heat grilling capabilities. 

Weber Genesis Series

By and large, people who reviewed Weber’s Genesis series said that, although expensive, these grills are remarkably valuable. Many of them mentioned the materials and construction used to produce these grills, often mentioning how sturdy and tough they are because of it. An impressive number of reviews mention how happy the customer was despite having to assemble the whole thing themselves. Additionally, much like in the situation with the Spirit series, people had great things to say about Weber Genesis grills’ durability and reliability. 

Weber Q Series

Being compact, lightweight and portable, the grills included in Weber’s Q series are bound to impress the most outdoorsy people out there. The reviews for these products confirm my theory as many of the positive reviews explicitly mention activities such as camping and tailgating. In addition to the grills’ portability, customers were very excited to talk about their construction and assembly. Others were very keen on the units’ quick preheating and even heat distribution. Finally, I should mention that many customers mentioned the fact that, unlike most portable grills out there, those in Weber’s Q series are large enough to cook for large groups of people.  


Having gone through the characteristics and features of Weber Grills, I can clearly see why it is that the public, in general, has such a positive view of this brand. Evidently, these gas grills are incredibly durable, powerful and dependable. Much more than that, however, they are very well-designed, resulting in complete reliability and utter precision when it comes to outdoor cooking. At the same time, Weber Grills offers various additional features capable of elevating your cooking even more. Taking all this into consideration, I can honestly recommend that you check out our favorite Weber gas grills below:

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