7 Best Small Gas Grills in 2024: Buying Guide & Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the BEST small gas grill is, then we recommend the Weber Spirit II E-210 as the best one.

Most small grills users are looking for a large gas grill experience, but they are just short on space. When choosing a small grill, you don’t have to totally compromise. You can still get all the basics you need to make some great tasting food. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you start shopping for the best small gas grill for your needs.

In this article, we’re going to review the following small gas grills:

Small Gas Grills: Buying Guide

Build Quality

Typically, a full-size barbecue will see more bad weather and use than a small gas grill. However, you still want a grill that will last a few years. You need to consider how frequently you will be using your grill, where you will be storing it, and what type of weather the grill may be exposed to. If you plan to use your grill a lot, look for one that is well-built and constructed of durable and solid materials. And, if you plan to leave it outside, look for something that is rust-resistant.


Grills that work in conventional spaces allow you to choose your fuel type based on your preferences. If you are using your grill on a balcony or a small yard, you may be more limited. Always check and see what is allowed by your property owner or municipality before buying a grill.

  • Propane – Either propane, or liquid propane gas, or LPG, lets you cook over an open flame without having to deal with extinguishing solid fuel. Available in many sizes, LPG tanks and grills are extremely convenient and a popular choice for tailgaters and campers. Remember that you need to store your tank when you aren’t using and that some areas have pretty strict rules when it comes to LPG storage.
  • Natural Gas – Used rarely in small spaces, natural gas is pretty convenient when you can use it. Typically, this isn’t allowed on a balcony, but it could be used in a small backyard. Always make sure to hire a gas fitter that has the required certifications to work in your area.

Work Space

Some grills come with extra space where you can prep and work on your meal. This is a great feature that also provides an area where you can set down your utensils or the food before you start grilling it. If you can’t find a grill with this type of feature, you may also want to consider one that comes with hooks or shelves.

Stand or Bracket

If you want a self-supporting grill, you need to choose one that is sturdy and not prone to tipping. Otherwise, look for one that comes with a stand. Also, if you plan to move it from place to place a lot, look for a grill that has wheels to make it more portable.


Size is the most critical decision you need to make. The size of your grill can create a dangerous situation. If you purchase a grill that is too large for the space you are putting it in, not only is not practical, but it can also be dangerous.

best small gas grills reviews

Always measure the space you want to put your grill in and consider how you will move it around. You don’t want anyone to rub up against the hot grill trying to get around it. A good idea is cutting out a section of cardboard as a guide to figure out what size area you have that is safe to work in.


Don’t think that just because you are buying a small grill that you won’t also get some fun accessories. Consider how you will be using your grill and what type of food you will be grilling to decide if you need a grill with a feature like hooks to hang your utensils. If you do want a grill that has these types of features, just make sure you do have space for it.


Anytime you make a purchase, always check the reviews of that product. Review can provide some invaluable information on what could potentially go wrong with the product. But, keep in mind that just because a product gets a bad rating, it might actually be a reflection of a shipping issue instead of the product itself. Always read further into a bad review to see what led to the negative review.


Your budget should always be a consideration. If you plan to use the grill a lot, then, by all means, spend a little more. But if it will only be used on occasion, you may want to think twice about spending a ton.

Best Small Gas Grill Reviews

#1 Cuisinart Petit Gourmet

If you love eating food with a great grilled flavor, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet delivers that great taste in a compact and high-performance grill. You can put this grill pretty much anywhere, and it is large enough to grill a family meal. Using a lot less gas than a full-sized grill, this grill heats up quickly and is easy to take with you camping, tailgating, or to the beach.

Providing 145 square inches of grilling area, the Petit Gourmet comes equipped with a 5,500 BTU stainless steel burner and a porcelain-enameled grate that heats your food evenly. This portable grill features an integrated grill lid latch that keeps the lid secure and aluminum folding legs with stabilizing feet that can be set up in just a few seconds. Plus, you get a drip tray that is spill-resistant, a large briefcase-style carrying handle, and Cuisinart’s signature culinary tools.


  • This grill heats up very quickly
  • You can get great grill marks on your meat
  • The included griddle is well made and works well


  • The grease pan needs to be bigger
  • The hose is too short

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#2 Char-Broil Performance

Grilling is easy when you use the Char-Broil Performance. With two built to last top-ported burners made of stainless steel, you get 24,000-BTUs and 300 sq. in. of cooking area. You also get a 100 sq. in. swing-away rack and large side shelves made of metal that gives you plenty of work and prep space that will fold down when you aren’t using them.

The cast-iron grates are porcelain-coated and rust-resistant to help stop food from sticking and making overall maintenance easier. The Char-Broil Performance also comes with a grease pan that is easy to remove and clean as well as electronic ignition for reliable and fast startups. The temperature gauge is lid-mounted for additional heat control while the stainless steel control panel, handle, and lid give you durability and style.

This is a cabinet style grill that sits on four casters including two that lock for easy mobility and security. The Char-Broil Performance includes one door that is painted black that is used for storage of your propane tank, tools, and accessories.


  • This is a nice size grill
  • A low maintenance grill
  • It comes with a convenient storage cabinet


  • The grill doesn’t get really hot
  • Assembly was a bit of a pain

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#3 Weber Q1000

Newly restyled, the Weber Q 1000 has the same sleek style and great performance as before. Weber has added some fun and functional aesthetics that include sturdy rear and front cradles, ergonomic side handles, and larger control knobs and grip handle. With the split grates, you can do both grate and griddle cooking by simply replacing the grates with a compatible griddle that is sold separately.

Featuring one stainless steel burner that can produce 8500 BTU’s, you can heat a 189 square inch cooking area. This lightweight and durable grill is made of cast-aluminum, so it is very portable and ready to take to the next game. Using disposable LP cylinders, this grill can also be used as a stationary grill on your back patio, plus the optional LP hose allows you to hook up to a 20-pound tank.

You also get reliable starts with the easy to operate push-button ignition. The Weber Q1000 can handle typical game day food as well as a variety of other types of food with varying temperature needs. All you need to do is choose the right setting on the dial by adjusting the infinite control burner valve.


  • This is a great shape and size for a balcony
  • It is easy to clean after each use
  • Nice and compact grill that holds enough food for four people


  • The propane canister size does not produce enough heat
  • The burners need to be closer to the grill

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#4 Char-Broil Classic 360

If you are looking for a three-burner gas grill, the Char-Broil Classic 360 gives you 30,000 BTU’s of heat. The main cooking area is 360 square inches while the porcelain-coated grates are both rust-resistant and easy to cook and clean. With two metal side shelves, you get some valuable prep and workspace that is durable and convenient.

For quick and reliable startups, the piezo ignition and in-line stainless steel burners were made to last. The firebox and steel lid are both coated with porcelain, so they can withstand being outside in the elements. It also comes with two 6-inch wheels that make it easy to maneuver as well as lock into place.


  • This is a good value for the price
  • It is the perfect size for use in an apartment
  • It has simple instructions if you follow the directions


  • Knob control could be improved
  • It does not have an area to hang your BBQ tools

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#5 Weber Spirit II E-210

The two-burner Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Grill comes with a powerful GS4 grilling system as well other handy features like compatibility with the iGrill that is sold separately. It also comes with a convenient folding side table and a compact open-cart design making it easy to fit into small places. The Spirit II E-210 gives you all the basics you need to learn how to grill with gas.

The G54 grilling system includes an improved infinity ignition, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars, 450 square inches of cooking area over the two burners, and a grease management system. You also get 26,500 BTU’s from the two main burners plus a fuel gauge to help keep your grill fueled up and ready. The cast-iron cooking grates are also porcelain-enameled and the cart comes with two large wheels for easy maneuverability.

Simply push the ignition on the Spirit II E-210 and enjoy the innovative grilling system that is based on over 30 years of grilling experience. Designed for ease of use and unmatched satisfaction, the Spirit II E-210 provides smoke infused food that is consistently and evenly grilled. You also get hassle-free cleanup and extra storage area in the cart including six hooks for your tools.


  • Includes easy to follow instruction and assembly is pretty painless
  • The side trays are collapsible, so it is easy to store
  • It is equipped with wheels, so you can move it easily


  • It is easy to cut yourself on the underside of the table when assembling it from sharp edges
  • You always see the tank, which isn’t pleasant considering some of the ugly ones out there

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#6 Coleman RoadTrip 285

With sturdy legs that fold quickly and two-wheels for easy mobility, the Coleman RoadTrip 285 Propane Grill gives you hassle-free setup and transport whether you are tailgating, camping, or heading to the beach. With a push-button Instastart ignition, you don’t have to worry about matches. You only need to select your preferred heat of the three adjustable independent burners using the enhanced temperature control.

The RoadTrip provides the grilling power of 3,250 – 20,000 BTUs over 285 square inches. The porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates give you perfectly cooked meats every time. It also features interchangeable cooktops that allow you to switch out the grill grates with a stove grate or griddle that are sold separately. The two sliding side tables allow you to keep sauces and utensils, plus it is convenient to travel with.

The RoadTrip features a water pan that catches any cooking grease and is removable for easy maintenance. It also comes with a locking lid to ensure secure transport on the way to your camping or tailgating site. You can store the RoadTrip upright, which is great for those that have limited storage space.


  • It features nice slide out trays
  • Grill folds up easily for storage
  • It is good for taking camping and to parks


  • The water tray is too long and shallow, plus it’s hard to empty without spilling greasy water on yourself
  • The latch on the grill to hold it shut is useless

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Read our Coleman Roadtrip LXX vs. LXE comparison.

#7 Weber Q-1200

The Weber Q 1200 features the same styling and performance as the Weber Q 120. However, the Q 1200 offers new fun and functional features that include a bigger fold out table, ergonomic side handles, sturdy rear and front cradles, and bigger control knobs and grip handle. It also features a great combination of griddle and grate cooking with the split grates while the Q 1000-series compatible griddle easily can be swapped out for one of the grates. You can also accommodate roasts with the tall lid that includes a built-in thermometer, so you can keep an eye on the temperature inside the grill.

The Weber Q-1200 offers one stainless steel burner that can give you 8500 BTU’s to heat a 189 square inch cooking area. The cast-iron cooking grates are porcelain-enameled for easy maintenance and to ensure they will not rust. This grill comes fully assembled right out of the box and is ready for your next party.

Lightweight and durable, the Weber Q-1200 is made of cast-aluminum that makes it very easy to carry to the game or the campsite. The electronic ignition gives you reliable starts while the dial-in heat setting allows you to cook a wide range of food at differing temperatures. It also will run on disposable LP cylinders when you aren’t at home or an optional LP adapter hose to use with 20 pounds tanks when you are at home.


  • The grill is very easy to clean
  • It cooks really well
  • Everything goes into the disposable drip pan


  • It runs a little hotter than the control says
  • It tends to rust quickly

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Best Small Gas Grill: The Verdict

The winner of our roundup is the Weber Spirit II E-210. This two-burner grill comes with a powerful GS4 grilling system and is compatible with the iGrill that is sold separately. You also get a convenient folding side table and a compact open-cart design that makes it easy to fit into small places.

Simply push the ignition on the Spirit II E-210 and enjoy smoke infused food that is consistently and evenly grilled. You also get hassle-free cleanup and extra storage area in the cart including six hooks for your tools. The definite winner of the best small gas grill is the Weber Spirit II E-210 hands down.

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