Weber Genesis II E-310 Reviews: THE 3-Burner Gas Grill

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weber genesis ii e-310 reviews

When it comes to iconic grilling brands, the name Weber carries with it a lot of weight. Their company history spans back to the late 1890s. I have many fond memories of eating and cooking some delicious meals off of various Weber grills. For this reason, I decided to try out the Weber Genesis II E-310, which is a potentially app-connected Weber model that has a lot of great features. Recent Weber Genesis II E-310 reviews that I’ve read have been pretty friendly towards the cooker, but I wanted to take a look for myself.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gas Grill

Grilling is a pleasant pastime that people love to do throughout the year – weather permitting of course. When you opt to purchase a gas grill, you have two choices: propane or natural gas. Propane gas grills come with a propane connector that you can use to attach propane canisters. Once these run out, you have to purchase another one. Fortunately, these come in different sizing options. For natural gas grills, you can lead a gas line directly into the grill, which adds some convenience, especially if you have a gas range top inside your home. Fortunately, the Weber Genesis II E-310 comes in both varieties, so you’ll have options.

Additionally, gas grilling stands out because it provides a much evener cooking experience when you’re grilling. Other forms of grilling are infamous for leaving hot spots around the cooking surface, but gas grills have dedicated burners that are designed to heat the grate with a high level of consistency. When you add in features like porcelain enameling, this even level of heating is augmented.

Also, when you’re on the market for a grill like this, consider your cooking space. If you’re a person that wants to cook several foods concurrently, then a larger amount of square inches in your cooktop will make a difference. Also, gas grills will allow you to vary the output of the burners, which means that you can cook some foods slower than others while.

Finally, also consider extra features like storage space, accessories like warming racks, and rotisseries. Each of these will increase the versatility of your purchase so that you can prepare more types of foods at a time.

Weber Genesis II E-310: A Presentation

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is a modern take on the Genesis series of grills that have been in circulation since the 1980s. This grill is part of the second generation of a grill series that has become somewhat famous for reliability and sturdiness. This newer variant of the series has a steel construction, cast iron grates, and a three-burner heating system. Many will also like the fact that Weber opted to incorporate porcelain enameling into a few of the critical surfaces. This means that these components will retain heat longer and more evenly and will be easier to clean.

Here are some pros and cons of the product in a nutshell:


  • This is a consistent product; each burner is designed to provide a very even cooking.
  • For an electronic system, the Infinity Ignition system is very reliable.
  • This is a very sturdy grill.
  • The base of the grill features a large area that can serve as utensil storage.
  • The grates are coated in porcelain, which helps the heating stay even.


  • This isn’t the easiest grill to install.
  • Some might not like the fact that the base has no doors.
  • It’s hard to reach temperatures over 500 degrees with the Genesis II E-310

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Weber Genesis II E-310 Reviews: Features and Benefits

When it comes to features, the E-310 has its share so that anyone purchasing the grill may at first feel a bit overwhelmed. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the critical traits of the product so that you can have a full picture before purchase.

Optional Smart Functionality

Before we start, it’s important to note that this isn’t the most perfect grill on the market; sure it has some smart features that can be major selling points, but those will require the purchase of the iGrill 3 accessory. Still, having this extra level of functionality can be a significant consideration for those looking to bring the smart home out to the grill.

Our lives are becoming increasingly interconnected. As a result of this, an increasing amount of products are beginning to be controllable via the smartphone. While you can’t start and stop the grill with a quick swipe, you can use the iGrill 3 platform, which Weber purchased, to monitor the grill’s performance while you’re cooking. This is done via the iGrill Digital Thermometer. Thermometers are relatively common on grills these days – with most being built into the hood of most grills. This product, on the other hand, has specific slots that can accommodate the probe- and grate-based device. You clamp the device on the grate and poke the meat, and the tools will send the temperature info to Weber’s application.

This info is transmitted through Bluetooth, and in addition to temperature readouts, the product will also allow you to set timers and alarms. It can even be set to attain readouts for the propane tank levels.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Is this needed?” Well, in my opinion, this smart functionality adds a bit to the grill experience, and it allows you to automate some of the processes associated with grilling. You can do without it, but it adds a feather in your cap if you’re looking for a more high-tech grill experience. 

Strong Material Design and Versatility

This grill, in my opinion, is a standout grill for those that are looking to take their grilling to a more serious level. For starters, it’s definitely sturdier than many of the competing grills on the market, and since it’s available in both propane and natural gas variants, you’ll have options for your specific setup. Still, is this grill a requirement for serious grillers? Personally, I’d say that there are alternatives, but this is definitely a product that can up your grilling game significantly.

This is also a grill that will take a bit of practice to use correctly; the three-burner system is useful for providing even heating, but some may struggle with the power of 37,500 BTUs in such a compact grilling space. That being said, if you have the grill skills, this is a great option because it has a good level of power and versatility for just about any grillable food that you can find.

So, am I saying that neophyte grillers should select another grill? I think that wannabe grillmasters can give this a try too. This is especially true for those that want to learn the art of grilling through a technological lens; this grill has some nice high-tech features that can make some newer grillers feel more accomplished.

The Cooking Surface

When you’re purchasing a grill, one of the most critical aspects of the product is the cooking surface. As I mentioned, this is a three-burner grill that has a 37,500-BTU design. The controls give you some distinct fine-tuning ability, and the porcelain-enameled grates provide a good level of even heating. The grates also have about 513 square inches of cooking space, so you’ll have the right amount of physical area to work with as you cook.

It’s also reasonably easy to utilize different areas of the grate for different foods. For example, when cooking tilapia, the last thing you want is to prepare the fish on the hotter portion of the grates. With the E-310, you can use the thinner side of the cooking grate so that there’s less direct heat on the fish so that it comes out nice and flakey. I also love the fact that the grease management system that’s included with this grill is so comprehensive; flare-ups are VERY uncommon, and it’s fairly easy to remove any grease after you’re done cooking your food.

Extra Space

When you first look at this Weber grill, the first thing you may notice is its open design; the base of the cart has ample space that you can use for storing utensils or other materials. Despite this design concession, Weber built this product to be sturdy. On the side tables, you’ll also find multiple steel hooks that can be used to store your utensils with relative ease – keep in mind that you may need a loop to store them. Finally, there’s also a tuck-away warming rack that you can use to keep food fresh or to warm your bread that folds down so as not to reduce your grilling space when it’s not in use.

Ease of Assembly

The Ignition System

With most gas grills, you either have a piezoelectric system that uses quartz or electronic ignition system that utilizes traditional batteries to generate a spark. Technically, the system of the Genesis II line uses an electronic ignition, but it’s been greatly redesigned for a more robust level of functionality over the years. Weber calls this new system its “Infinity Ignition System,” and it utilizes AA batteries as a power source, which is different compared to the standard watch-style batteries that I’m used to. The positioning of the components is also quite different than you find in most grills, and the electrodes are placed for spark consistency. Overall, when it comes to consistent performance, this Infinity system seems to respond with as much reliability as piezo models.

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Social Proof

Overall, based on the Weber Genesis II E-310 reviews that I’ve seen online, the grill definitely has its share of fans. For the most part, the community seems to agree that the sturdiness, amount of storage space, and even grilling performance really help it stand out. Also, the fact that the product is so adjustable when it comes to heat output is a major benefit for experienced grillers. Finally, people also seem to like that the porcelain enameling eliminates the need to find cooler or hot spots on the grill. Overall, this is definitely a grill that is popular. 


If you’re wondering what other options are on the market, consider this alternative grills:

Alternative One: Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style

This product is one of the grills that most often comes up in comparisons to the E-310. It has a three-burner design, and it also employs the same porcelain coating on its grates. There’s not quite as much storage space on this Char-Broil product, but its lower price point can make it a desirable alternative to the more expensive Genesis II model. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Unlike the E-310, it uses an infrared cooking system to provide even heat.
  • The grate is designed to provide a barrier between the food and the heaters, so there is little chance of a flare-up.
  • It has a smaller cooking area compared to the E-310 – its more compact design provides 450 square inches.

This is a great option for those that have a smaller amount of space to work with. If you need a more budget-conscious grill to work with, give this Char-Broil product a try.

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Alternative Two: Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro

While Broil King isn’t as well-known a brand as Weber or Char-Broil, this grill provides a relatively premium experience for those looking for quality. In comparison to the E-310, this is a grill that also has quite a bit more power; it has a 55,000-BTU output and 625 square inches of cooking space. Here’s how it stacks up:

  • The knobs are LED-backlit, so you can grill in the dark!
  • It includes a 10,000-BTU side burner.
  • Unlike the Genesis II, it has a rotisserie at the rear.

While the grates aren’t porcelain-coated like the Genesis II, this is a fairly versatile burner that comes in at a higher price point. If you need multiple means of cooking your food outdoors, then this may be a good go-to.

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Alternative Three: Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner

The third and final product that I’ll be using is part of the Genesis II series and has several of the same features as the E-310. With that in mind, it’s good to note that the E-435 has a four-burner design and is a bit larger than the other grill. Additionally, features like a sear station, a side burner, and an enclosed storage section make this an excellent choice for grillers with a higher budget. Here are a few other tidbits:

  • Like the E-310, it’s compatible with the app-based Weber iGrill 3.
  • The addition of a side burner boosts the versatility of the product.
  • The sear station makes creating sear marks on your meat an easy process.

If you have a few extra bucks, this is a great grill to choose. It’s got all the versatility of more expensive grills, and it has the same grillmaster-friendliness of the E-310.

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Final Thoughts

Finding a grill for those that require a good level of versatility can be hard. Trust me, I’ve done the research. That being said, with its high-tech enhancements and its great material design, the Genesis II E-310 is a product that I would recommend to most outdoor chefs. It has the app-connectivity that some might like, and its heaters are versatile and provide the power that many grillers crave. I suggest you check this product out if you’re looking for a workhorse grill. It’s also essential to note that the grill has a 10-year warranty from Weber, which is fairly ironclad. To check out this amazing grill on Amazon, click here.

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