Best Built-In Gas Grills in 2024: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the BEST built-in gas grill is, then we recommend the Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 as the best one.

For me, grilling is one of the best means of creating genuinely delicious meat and veggie meals, and if you’re a homeowner, it’s common to have a standalone grill in your backyard. With this in mind, how can you create a more permanent barbecuing setup for your home? This is where the best built in gas grills come in; they allow you to utilize a custom-made grill counter or island to truly create a dedicated grilling area in your outdoor space. 

In this guide, I’m going to review eight excellent built-in grill products, and I’m also going to provide you with a buyer’s guide to make purchasing the ideal product easier.

In this article, we’re going to review the following built-in gas grills:

What Makes a Built-In Grill Stand Out

When I first bought my house, I was looking for a way to create a backyard kitchen that could let me genuinely work on my barbecuing skill. This meant that I would need a custom-made grill stand as well as a nice drop-in unit to create a grilling space.

Consider this: a standalone movable grill may be a regular fixture in your backyard, but a built-in product is more like a crucial piece of furniture that illustrates a high level of commitment to a grilling lifestyle. These are also much easier to fuel because built-in grills can take advantage of natural gas lines without risking a line rupture.

Why Select a Gas Grill Over a Charcoal One

One of the biggest debates between grillers is the one that covers both of the main styles of grilling. Most charcoal enthusiasts state that the smoky flavoring of charcoal grills will help these kinds of grills edge out their competition, but it isn’t that simple. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might consider purchasing one of the best built in gas grills over a charcoal cooker.

  • Gas is Better for Those on a Budget: When it comes to saving money, most grillers will agree that a gas grill is just a cheaper, long-term investment when compared to a charcoal grill. Charcoal bags cost a lot over time, especially if you’re a regular outdoor cooker. Gas, on the other hand, can fuel several grilling sessions with a single gas canister, and you will never have to purchase a lighter to fuel most gas grills. Also, although gas grills tend to be a bit more expensive thanks to all of the internal mechanisms, much of this initial expenditure is recouped over the years.
  • You Have a Much Higher Degree of Control: While using something as simple as Match Light can get the fire going pretty quickly so that you have an even heat, one of the primary drawbacks of a charcoal grill is its tendency to create hot and cool spots. With a gas grill, the burners are designed to be calibrated so that you can cook at the temperature you need, which means that you don’t get burnt spots as often. Also you can vary the temperature very quickly with a gas grill since there are knobs that you can adjust similarly to how you would adjust the heat on a standard stove. As a result of all of these adjustment options, you can slow cook, smoke, and create higher temperatures in a gas grill with a much higher degree of ease than you would be able to with a charcoal cooker. To facilitate the higher degree of control most gas grills come complete with a temperature gauge so that you can easily keep an eye on the internal conditions in the grill.
  • There’s More Cleaning Convenience: With a charcoal grill, you’ll have to deal with ash and any drippings that made it through the grate. Fortunately, with a gas product, ash is nonexistent, and any drippings tend to be turned to vapor. As a result, you’ll typically have to spend less time scrubbing a gas grill’s grates than you would with other grill types.
  • Manufacturers Love to Pack in Extras with Gas Grills: Okay, if you’re a significant griller, you know that charcoal grills also have a tendency to get a few extra features that will increase their value. On the whole, the more expensive gas grills tend to have their counterparts beat in this regard. For example, you’ll have side burners so you can prepare foods like boiled eggs and stir-fried veggies, side tables for food prep, drawers where you can store utensils and food prep extras, and even rotisserie cookers on some models. This, as you might expect, certainly increases the utility of your grill purchase.
  • They Tend to Look Better: Now, there are some beautiful charcoal grills out on the market, but on the whole, gas grills tend to look better in a backyard. Having a chrome design has become the basic design concession for most of these grills, and the shiny knobs, smooth handles, and accentuated side tables tend to add a lot to the aesthetics of one of these products.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Built-In Gas Grill

As you might expect, not every gas grill is equal, which is why it’s a good idea to consider some factors and features before you go out and make a purchase. Here are a few things to consider:

The Material of the Grill

Grills of this type come in a bevy of materials and some are better than others. For example, some are made from cast iron, which if it’s untreated, can rust reasonably quickly.

On the other hand, many of the more popular grills are made of stainless steel, and while these tend to be beautiful, they also tend to be on the more expensive side. When purchasing a product like this, it’s a good idea to know the precise material make up of the grill; some stainless steel models still have internal components that can rust in moist environments. For a steady level of reliability, it’s a good idea to seek out aluminum products; they are sturdy and tend to resist rust well.

The Ignition Type

With gas-powered products, there are usually two types of ignitions:

  • Piezo Electric Systems: Have you ever heard a gas-powered grill click to life? This is a clear indicator that this grill uses a Piezoelectric system. This ignition type utilizes friction and a quartz crystal to generate a spark, and it’s usually a relatively convenient and easy-to-use ignition type. This type also shines because it doesn’t need any form of external power to create a spark.
  • Electronic Systems: To create a flame, electronic systems actually utilize batteries, which provide a decent level of convenience. These stand out because they tend to last a long time since you’ll never really have to replace the direct spark source. On the same token, you’ll find yourself purchasing replacement batteries often.

The Burners

This is one of the most critical features to consider when on the market for one of these backyard kitchen components. It’s also important to understand that you’ll be replacing your burners from time to time. To start, err on the side of more burners when you’re in the market for one of these grills; having extra burners will mean a higher level of control over the cooking. This will also allow you to set aside cooking zones so that you can cook various foods at differing temperatures. In addition, having good burners will allow you to more easily create excellent sears on choice cuts of meat.

Best Built In Gas Grills Reviews

#1 Bull Outdoor Products 26039

The first product that I’ll be covering in the guide is manufactured by Bull. This natural gas grill is designed to reasonably easily drop into most outdoor grill stands, and it’s known for its reasonably even heat distribution. This is thanks to the product’s ReliaBULL flame tamers, which are designed to heat the cooking surface evenly. In the past, I’ve had issues grilling where the meats that were on the outside of the grates didn’t sear quite as well as those in the centermost area. This ReliaBULL tech virtually eliminates this flaw of some grills by ensuring that all sections of the grill are cooked equally.

Some of the Outlaw’s key stats drive home its reliability. For instance, it has a 60,000-BTU functionality, and it uses porcelain-coated burners. Porcelain makes the surfaces of the grill easy to clean, which really adds to the convenience. This product also has a very impressive cooking surface; it totals in at about 810 square inches, which is plenty of space for several items at once.


  • The ReliaBULL tech makes this a very evenly-heating grill unit.
  • It has a sizeable grilling area.
  • It uses a Piezo ignition system.
  • The design is very attractive.
  • The thermometer is very accurate.


  • The needle on the thermometer could be less flimsy.

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#2 Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select

As you can see, this product is another gas drop-in unit from the folks at Bull, and it really stands out because of its premium design and twin lighting system. In total, this Lonestar grill can generate about 15,000 BTUs per burner, which maxes out to a maximum output of 60,000 BTUs (there are four burners). For ignition, this grill uses a Piezo starter, so it’s a relatively easy product to get started. Each of these igniters can be started separately, so if you’re like me, you can cook up small meals without turning on every burner, which can be a waste of gas.

The knobs on each of the burners are also very attractive and are made of zinc; I found that they also had a good level of precision, which can be useful when you’re searing meat. Externally, the drop-in is constructed of 304 stainless steel, which is not only ultra-durable but also has a strong aesthetic value.


  • The burners are made of the same 304 stainless steel.
  • It has 810 square inches of cooking space.
  • Each burner is independently controllable.
  • The Lonestar also includes a smoker box.
  • It also has a twin lighting system so that you can grill at night.


  •  The handle can sometimes loosen on the lid.

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#3 Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47629 Angus

The final Bull product in this guide packs in a little extra power so that you can achieve the ideal heat across all of the internal grill surfaces. Like both of the other products, this grill head also utilizes ReliaBULL technology to ensure that there’s the right amount of well-spread, even heating. Like the previous product that I covered, this Bull grill also utilizes 304 stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rain and moisture being a problem. The full output of this grill is 75,000 BTUs, which provides a constant level of heat generation.

In the past, I’ve had to pretty much call all grilling to a close when it got dark, and for those that love nighttime grilling, lighting can be an issue. Fortunately, this Angus grill utilizes the same twin lighting system as the Lonestar, so you’ll be able to grill deep into the night if that strikes your fancy. This grill has a slightly smaller cooking area than the other ones we’ve covered because it also includes a rotisserie, which can make some truly delicious meats.


  • It has a warming rack.
  • The grill itself is very durable.
  • This is a nice and compact option for your outdoor kitchen.
  • The rotisserie opens up grilling options.


  • It only has a 600-square-inch cooking area.

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#4 Lion Premium Grills 90823 40″

Power is the name of the game with this Lion Premium Grills product; it has a BTU output of 90,000, which is split up between five cast stainless steel burners. Each of these burners is capable of being independently operated, and it’s relatively easy to cook different foods at different temperatures. Like our last Bull product, this Lion product has a built-in rotisserie, but unlike that product, this will heat the meat using infrared heating sources.

This product also shines when it comes to grilling area; in total, you’ll have 1030 square inches of space, so more substantial cuts of meat should fit on the surface easily. I love the construction of this product; Lion utilized stainless steel, and it’s tough to find any evidence of welding, which is no mean feat. Also, the temperature gauge is huge and easy to read, which is very useful. 


  • This is a very durably-built built-in gas grill.
  • It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to grill on this product.
  • Lion has included a lifetime warranty.
  • It has an infrared rotisserie back burner.


  • This is a grill that experiences a lot of flashback.
  • The control panel assembly can become discolored by the heat.

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#5 Lion Premium Grills L75625 32″

For those looking for a more compact option than our last product from Lion Premium Grills, this model, which is the L75625, provides an excellent level of grilling for those with less space in their backyard. One of the significant differences between this and many of the other products we’ve been covering is that this is a propane-powered drop-in grill, so you won’t have to have a natural gas line feeding it. Additionally, despite its smaller sizing, this grill still provides 75,000 total BTUs split amongst four burners and a smoker head.

I’ve used good grills that haven’t had a great build quality, and I found myself looking for more durability in the products I buy. This grill is crafted entirely out of stainless steel, which means that it’s hard to damage inadvertently and it also will retain its looks, even when exposed to the elements for years at a time.


  • It has a grilling surface that measures in at 830 square inches.
  • The grill is very durable.
  • It uses propane instead of natural gas.
  • It has a built-in smoker head that’s also made of stainless steel.


  • The grill grates will experience some sagging.
  • At 180 pounds, this is a heavy grill.

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#6 Napoleon Grills Prestige 500

You don’t always have to spend a ton of cash for quality, which I believe is the primary thought behind this Napoleon Grills product. Like many of the other products in this guide, this is a natural gas grill that’s designed to be used in an outdoor setting, and despite its 66,000 BTU output, it’s quite budget-friendly. With the grill, you also get an infrared rear burner, which is what many of the steak houses use for the best sears. 

There are five burners on this grill, and they do a reasonably good job at keeping the heat even across the entire surface of the grill. Unlike many of the other products that I’ve covered, this one doesn’t use a piezoelectric ignition; instead, it uses Napoleon’s “Jetfire” electronic ignition that provides a reasonably reliable style of spark creation. The grates on this gas grill are also unique; Napoleon designed them with a wave design that helps spread the heat evenly across the meat/veggies.


  • The lid is very easy to lift.
  • The control knobs are backlit.
  • The backlit knobs change color based on whether the burner is on or not.
  • It has an infrared sizzle zone for searing.


  • The entire body isn’t made of stainless steel.

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#7 Napoleon LEX 605

For a slightly more premium Napoleon product, you can take a look at this grill, which includes an infrared rotisserie for slowly cooking meats like chicken and lamb to precision. Like the fifth product that I reviewed, this is a propane-powered grill that will require a propane tank for a power source. In total, this unit has a 79,000-BTU output split amongst its various heat sources. The grill has three stainless steel burners that can output 16,000 BTU a piece, a 16,000-BTU infrared grill burner for searing, and the aforementioned 15,000-BTU rear burner that can be used with the rotisserie kit.

The grill has 850 square inches of grill space, and it also utilizes the same wave-style grill plates that are excellent at helping evenly spread the heat. This is also a spacious grill; in total, it provides 850 square inches of grill space, which is more than enough room for even the largest of meats and vegetables.


  • The wave grills make it easy to cook evenly.
  • This also comes in a natural gas variant.
  • This provides a good amount of cooking space.
  • The knobs are backlit like the Prestige 500.


  • It has a slight odor when you start it up for the first time.
  • It’s not entirely made of stainless steel.

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#8 Weber Summit S-460

When I think of iconic grilling names, invariably, my mind always shifts to Weber Grills. This built-in grill, which uses natural gas, is a great choice for just about any outdoor kitchen because of its versatility. For example, it has four stainless steel burners that do an excellent job of keeping the heat nice and even across the surface of the grate.

This isn’t the most potent grill in this guide, but like I said, it has a lot of built-in versatility that makes it shine as a great option for an outdoor kitchen. For example, the “Snap-Jet” Piezo ignition is super-easy to start, and the four burners do an excellent job of keeping the heat as even as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to crisp and sear your food without worrying about under- or overcooking the meat due to irregular heating.


  • There’s an option for an attachable side burner.
  • It has a 48,000 BTU operation.
  • It comes with a sear burner.
  • The Weber Summit S-460 us also a very compact grill.
  • It comes with a grill cover.


  • Some components have a tendency to wear out.

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Best Built-In Gas Grills: Final Thoughts

Each of the products in this guide will provide you with an excellent drop-in grilling experience. When you’re purchasing a built-in gas grill, you’re in it for the long haul. These grills are designed to be installed in a preexisting frame, so you’re not going to be wheeling them from place to place. These are critical components to backyard kitchens, so they need to be able to match the performance of just about any other grill type. Based on my experience with the grills I reviewed, the most standout model is the Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500. Not only is this product well-priced, but it has features like backlit knobs, an easy-lift lid, and more than enough space for most grilling applications.

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