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Exciting news is on the horizon! BBQHost.com is embarking on a significant stride in its journey by adding the BeautiqueDining.com domain to its portfolio. This strategic decision mirrors our unwavering commitment to broadening our horizons and enriching the experiences we bring to our cherished users.

BeautiqueDining.com is a domain that once served as the online presence of a dedicated fine dining and elegant restaurant in the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Both BeautiqueDining.com and BBQHost.com are committed to providing users with top-tier content and products that elevate their lives. One of the highlights of their menu was the BBQ Pork Belly complimented with apple slaw and mustard sauce – an ensemble that garnered praise from numerous patrons due to its delectable taste and tantalizing texture. Our website is a treasure trove of resources on barbecue and pork belly recipes. This shared passion for food, hospitality, and entertainment deepens the connection between our platforms.

About BeautiqueDining.com

BeautiqueDining.com was a website that represented a company and a brand created by Craig Hopson and Frank Roberts in 2014. They were motivated by their passion for creating glamorous spaces that make people feel happy and comfortable. The vision materialized in the form of Beautique, a modern American eatery situated adjacent to the Paris Theater on West 58th Street. One of the things that made Beautique Dining unique was its fusion of French and American cuisine. The restaurant’s chef, Alain Allegretti, was born in Nice, France, and trained under some of the most renowned chefs in the world. He brought his expertise and creativity to Beautique, where he created dishes that combined classic French techniques with local and seasonal ingredients from New York. Some of these dishes were grill or barbecue related, as they showcased the chef’s skill in using different methods of cooking and flavoring meat and seafood.

About BBQHost.com

BBQHost.com is your ultimate destination for everything barbecue-related. Whether you’re looking for the best grills and smokers on the market, or you want to learn how to make your barbecue more beautiful and functional, we’ve got you covered. You can find reviews and ratings of the latest grills and smokers, tips and tricks on how to invest in the practicality of your barbecue, professional secrets on caring for your barbecue, and how to improve your space so that you make the most of every minute you spend there.

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