Pitts and Spitts vs Yoder: The Battle of the Brands Unfolds

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With so many enticing options on the market, it can be tough to decide what type of grill to buy. Our head-to-head matchup of Pitts and Spitts vs Yoder is designed to make your choice that much easier. 

Pitts and Spitts vs Yoder

These two companies are notorious for their quality products, which extend beyond grills and smokers to include accessories and seasoning options. While Pitts and Spitts has been around longer and offers lower prices overall, Yoder has some extremely durable and impressive models in its lineup. 

About Pitts and Spitts 

This company makes charcoal grills and offset smokers in addition to pellet grills. It even offers a couple of high-quality fire pits. 

Pitts and Spitts products are known for their quality and performance, a reputation that dates all the way back to 1983. The brand is based in Texas, which gives it credibility in terms of authenticity. 

Because their product range is so broad, it should be easy for you to find a model from Pitts and Spitts that suits your needs. No matter which one you choose, it should be well built and easy to maintain. 

About Yoder

Yoder has only been in business since 2007, so they lag behind Pitts and Spitts in that regard. But in the years they’ve been in business, they’ve honed a reputation for making competition-quality grills and smokers

Yoder Smoker

According to the company website, Yoder doesn’t strive to make your typical barbecue pit. Instead, they target the serious pitmasters who want to take their units on the competition circuit. 

When you invest in a Yoder smoker, you can expect it to be both durable and reliable. Be forewarned that they’re also very heavy—even the smallest model weighs in at over 250 pounds, and their largest ones top out in the 1,200-pound range. 

Pitts and Spitts vs Yoder: The Breakdown 

How do the two compare in a head-to-head matchup? This section will take a closer look at the qualities and specifications of each brand. 

Product Variety

We mentioned that Pitts and Spitts offers a broad range of outdoor cooking products and fire pits, but they take it even further than that. On their website, you’ll find spice rubs, apparel, parts, accessories, and much more. 

Yoder holds its own in this contest as well. They sell branded gear, rubs, and accessories along with an impressive lineup of grills and smokers. They even have a separate section devoted to “Competition” models, with the heading “Ready to Roll.” 

All in all, we would consider this category a toss-up. It should be easy to find a unit that suits your needs no matter which of these two brands you decide to go with. 

Cooking Surface 

Grilled Meat

Do you need an extensive cooking surface? There are numerous options on both sides. Yoder’s 24X48 Flattop Competition model boasts 1,152 square inches of grilling space, while the Cimarron Pellet Smoker offers a total of 2,223 square inches. 

The 24X36 Adjustable Charcoal Grill from Pitts and Spitts will give you 1,180 square inches to work with. The Maverick 2000 with Upright Smokebox is a close competitor to Yoder’s Cimarron, and includes 2,675 square inches in all. 

If you’re looking for a grill or smoker with as much space as possible, consider narrowing your search to include only Pitts and Spitts models. 

Hopper Capacity 

Hopper capacity is one of the most critical elements when comparing pellet smokers. For the sake of clarity, let’s compare two top models: Yoder’s 640s and the Maverick 1250 from Pitts and Spitts. 

The Maverick wins this round hands down. With a hopper capacity of 35 pounds, it can handle nearly twice as many pellets as the 640s, which offers a capacity of just 20 pounds. 

This means that the Pitts and Spitts model will be able to handle longer cooking applications with no need to refuel. If you regularly smoke large cuts of meat like whole packer briskets, this is a huge perk. 


The folks at Yoder pride themselves on using only high-quality steel in their products. By contrast, many Pitts and Spitts units consist of an inferior blend of stainless and carbon steel. 

There’s no question that Yoder products are built to last. While they haven’t been around long enough to gain the same reputation that Pitts and Spitts enjoys, we would award them the top prize in this category. 

Heat Retention 

Since Yoder grills are so well-built, it stands to reason that they would offer superb heat retention and temperature control. The 640s, for example, can heat to 700 degrees Fahrenheit—and hold that temperature for as long as you need it. 

While the Pitts and Spitts units are well-suited for low-and-slow cooking applications, they don’t do as well with simple grilling. They tend to lose heat more quickly, which is why we would suggest going with a Yoder model if you want to grill as often as you smoke. 

Price Point

If we were to continue comparing the Maverick 1250 and the 640s, the latter would have the edge here. It’s priced slightly lower than the Pitts and Spitts unit—although to be fair, buyers could receive four free bags of pellets with their purchase at the time of this writing. 

In general, though, Yoder is not really a budget brand. Those of you who are looking for a grill or smoker at a lower price should see if you can find something from Pitts and Spitts first. 

Price Value Wooden Sign


Both of these companies offer top-notch guarantees on their products. 

The Maverick 1250 includes a 10-year warranty on the barrel, as well as a 3-year warranty on the PID controller and 1 year on all other parts. The Yoder 640s goes a bit farther, offering 10 years on the body and 3 years on both the control system and the igniter. 

Since digital devices often come with shorter warranty periods than the grill bodies, these numbers are understandable. Both brands are to be applauded for their commitment to quality and customer service here. 

The Bottom Line

It’s tough to choose a clear winner in this case. Both of these companies have some excellent products in their respective lineups. In the end, it comes down to what you expect to get out of your purchase. 

If it’s a bargain you’re after, you’re more likely to find one with Pitts and Spitts. If you want a grill that you can use commercially or competitively, then a Yoder model will be a better bet. 

Best of luck, and happy grilling!

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