Weber Grill Board

Do Weber Grills Ever Go On Sale, And If They Do, When?

Weber is one of the top names in the grilling game. They offer numerous products, from charcoal-fueled units to gas-powered models to portable electric grills. They even have a line of pellet smokers, making them one of the most versatile companies in the business. Weber’s reputation for quality is well-earned, but unfortunately, it translates into …

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Instant Light Charcoal

Instant Light Charcoal vs Regular Charcoal: Lighting It Up

Instant light charcoal eliminates the need for lighter fluid—at least, that’s the idea. Many people automatically reach for this type of charcoal for that reason. But is it really a better option?  Let’s explore the differences between instant light charcoal vs regular charcoal to get a clearer picture.  Instant Light Charcoal vs Regular Instant light …

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Cedar Plank Grilled

Can You Reuse Cedar Planks After Grilling On Them?

Grilling food on cedar planks is enjoyable as well as practical. In this guide, we’ll talk more about the process while answering that money-saving question: Can you reuse cedar planks after they’ve already been on the grill?  Can You Reuse Cedar Planks?  It’s fine to reuse cedar planks after grilling as long as you clean …

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