lean vs moist brisket

Lean vs. Moist Brisket: Is The Trade-Off Worth It?

Which is more important to you: enjoying a brisket that’s juicy and moist, or not having to worry about fatty bits? In this guide, we’ll explore the trade-off between lean vs moist brisket—and how you might be able to tell the difference. Lean vs Moist Brisket “Lean” brisket typically refers to the flat end, which …

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wagyu brisket vs prime brisket

Wagyu Brisket vs. Prime Brisket: The Ultimate Matchup

Once you start getting serious about quality meat products, it’s hard not to notice all the different labels. Even amateurs have likely heard about Wagyu beef, and terms like “Select,” “Choice,” and “Prime” are common. But what do they mean, exactly? Our guide is here to help you discern the difference between Wagyu vs Prime …

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why is my brisket stringy

Why Is My Brisket Stringy? And Other Related Queries

When it’s done right, beef brisket is melt-in-your-mouth tender, with excellent beef flavor and plenty of moisture. Every so often, though, you might wind up with stringy brisket instead. What causes this, and is there any way to salvage your work? Why Is My Brisket Stringy? When people describe brisket as “stringy,” it usually means …

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